Monday, August 19, 2013

Whats up in the Northwest Passage ON AUGUST 19TH 2013? LOTS OF WAITING FOR ICE TO MELT....GLOBAL WARMING? NOT!

Pushing ice flows

18/08/2013, Entry of Prince Regent Inlet

After another day on the boat blocked in snow and heavy winds at Radstock Bay, and the realization That our originally Planned route through the Peel Sound got even more plugged by ice over the last Few Days and Seems to be closed for quite a while, we Decided on Saturday to change our plans, and sail through Prince Regent Inlet INSTEAD, in the Hope that Bellot Strait Will open soon. The start of the 200 Nm (32 hrs) journey was a little bit of a rush: Sat 17.8. 4:00 p.m.: downloading of latest ice maps, and alarm! - The ice is fast approaching. We call our neighbor two boats All which are hiding from the strong northerly winds in the same bay. 5 minutes later, all three are under sail heading south ... We rush across Barrow Strait at 9-10 knots with full sails and enter Prince Regent Inlet around midnight Where we encounter a narrow ice barrier. We Have to push a number of ice floes away with our ice poles, and when to That Does not help we aussi use Dragonfly's full engine power. Photo: three strong 'ice pushers' after completed task.

NW Passage

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19/08/2013 | Babusch
Good luck and good bump!! Degrees are from mung Chliine back to where we (or rather the children!) In mountain streams herumplanschten-bath temperature which for you probably have right now! Brrr ... toi toi toi on the new route! Warm hugs to all of you

19/08/2013 | G.
Sali Phippu Icvh think you have to turn a few years too early hip-then you would certainly have had three strong free-helper additionally? :-) ... In case of emergency man, call me, come quickly to help you (I think that somewhere irch s still have some old gloves ...) I hope you gehts good-looks good at all events from your winter tuxedos ! Tie missing ... :-) All liäbä Grüäss and much success for your projects!

19/08/2013 | Grosspapi
HAT from before this bold and wise decision. I said, ultimately, that Philip has the necessary strength if he wants a 8'000er to turn on 7'800m / M when such circumstances arise. The "three strong ice pushers" deserves a medal

Snow on Dragonfly

16/08/2013, Scallon Cove, Radstock Bay / Devon Island

After Reviews another 13 hours of sailing, we are back in protected Radstock Bay on Devon Island. The return trip from Resolute was windy (up to 35 kn) and cold (-1 C water temperature, air temperature -2 C temperature inside boat this morning before starting the heating 2 C). This morning, We had our first snow Dragonfly on. Still waiting for the ice to clear up ...

NW Passage

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17/08/2013 | Grosspapi
Were you able to refuel and buy food in Resolute Bay?Hopefully. Have obviously not a world-warming oben.Also wait there, wait ... Thinking of you today at the family party.

17/08/2013 | Blenda & Co.
Hoi zäme! we do also ice but at the moment only in the long-drinks ;-) We just sit out there for a brunch with Martina, Conrad, Aileen and Charlise and look at your blog. We just looked at together your photos and we'll send a little warm air from here (28 ° C today) along with many warm hugs, probably need it. Good and fast recovery and Marielle, Naima and line.

17/08/2013 | Blenda & Co.
Monday will be a big day for Darío: he starts school! and Charlise, as she begins kindergarten. Besos and we will send you e-mail a photo

17/08/2013 | Anne & Francesco
We have just admired your recent blog pictures ... What an incredible adventure ... It's so hard to imagine it from this side of the hemisphere! We wish all the warmth you can get (maybe I can squeeze some out of the Huehnerhaus for you Which has really heated up today!) ... We are slowly Adapting to the Erlenbach routine, after 4 weeks of glorious United States.Thinking of you a lot and hoping you can move on very soon :-) Big kiss to all, A & F

18/08/2013 | Lea
hi online! Just for 5 minutes. Shall follow back all your adventures since July 25th! Glad you are safe - wish you more luck and gods blessings. Love

18/08/2013 | Grosspapi
Of all the family festival warm-hearted greetings. All'll keep our fingers crossed.

Climate change? What climate change?

16/08/2013, Between Radstock Bay and Resolute

The ice charts are still showing very dense pack ice. In fact, we Seem To Have the worst ice terms since 2005.Worse even than Amundsen in 1903, It Seems (I am currently reading His diary "The North-West Passage: Being the record of a voyage of exploration of the ship Gjöa!")
Everyone is itchy to get moving (only the girls are happy To Have so much idle time for Themselves). Purpose We Have to wait and wait and wait.

NW Passage

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17/08/2013 | Grosspapi
Merkt ihr auf jeden Fall nichts von Erderwärmung. Sooo unwirtliche V erhältnisse. Glücklich wieder was vob Euch zu hören.

17/08/2013 | Fernande and Serge
And here's some reassuring news! The fridge was replenished and the fuel tank. Morale is definitely risen a notch and wait less anxious. We hope soon the arrival of a current "foehn" hot to melt the damn ice. In the meantime be patient and cautious.Get all possible warmest greetings gds parents.

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