Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ROWING ICE propelled by Charles Hendrich arrives Tuktoyaktuk NWT Canada

ICE ROWER propelled by Charles Hendrich rowing alone departed Wales Alaska on July 1st and just reached Tuktoyaktuk in the NWT of Canada on August 27th, some 865 nautical miles. After 58 days underway Charles has made a good speed of 15 nautical miles a day - KUDOS!

With Cape Bathhurst ahead surrounded by 5/10 sea ice his route on the Northwest Passage is blocked. I think its time to call it a season and lay up ICE ROWER at Touktoyaktuk for the winter and evaluate returning next year to pickup the oars. Continuing on to Cambridge Bay some 660 nautical miles distant would require 44 or more days. Say an ETA of October 10th? Which is too late in the Fall with a mean temperature of only 11F with an average low temperature of 5F.  I think it would be foolish to push ahead into those conditions - especially without a heater or emergency tracker aboard. Muscle rowing power cramps in the freezing cold.

Comments please.

Ready to start at Wales Alaska - July 1st 2013

Enroute pictures

Arriving Tuktoyaktuk NWT Canada on August 27, 2013


Anonymous said...

Lady M11 is now close to Yuk having cleared thru Bathurst Point last night with minimal ice.

EW3 said...

Would be interested in hearing how much power his solar panels were able to provide him....

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

Ask him at his blog

EW3 said...

Thanks Capt.
Being a EE/software engineer (and not trusting the NSA) I prefer to stay away from social media. ;)
Didn't see anyway to ask him without using a social media identity.
And yes, I know my NIC address is being broadcast when I post this. :(

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

So whats the difference between your posts on and posting on

NSA is archiving them all.... lol

I doubt his solar did much for him other than keep his Iridium satcom charged.

Anonymous said...

I bet Capt Hendrich could arm wrestle just about anyone. That is an amazing amount of miles to row, especially in those conditions.

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