Thursday, August 29, 2013

S/V (cat) LIBELLULE makes their NW Passage half-way with arrival at Cambridge Bay - CREW CHANGE

An extraordinary journey

29.08.2013, Edmonton

Sitting with girls in a DASH 8-100, I see the clouds through the windows and I realize that we have indeed succeeded the famous Northwest Passage! (At least the first part, because for men the journey continues for a few weeks ...) I still can not really believe it, and yet I understand better after the last intense weeks why we are the first catamaran in trying.
few moments I remain long in the memory:
- the fascinating ballet whales gave us shortly after our first fishing trip in Nuuk and the little knot in my stomach at the thought that they could reverse our a boat tail flick
- the taste of crabs we received with pleasure fishing Greenland (water me up at the mouth just thinking back, it's also crazy as our taste buds are all more responsive when navigating, meals taking a central role in current days)
- the hectic nights hunt floes suddenly disturbing the tranquility of a bay so far untouched by the ice
- my dip in the icy water at 2 degrees during a turn solo kayak with a dry suit that I had not closed ...
- the adrenaline rush when we crossed the ice to Disko Bay
- the mixture of gratitude - the feeling of having opportunity to observe so closely the nature and at the same time vulnerable to its laws that are stronger than us
- frostbite that traumatized our poor feet
- responsiveness and decision making that are necessary when navigating in waters with complex weather
- air first surprised the bear we met and his nonchalance when he realized that we were not something to put in their mouths
- the extreme tension that has invaded the whole crew while we were crossing the output of Bellot Strait, after Henry Larsen had broken the ice
- the feeling of claustrophobia when the ice surrounded increasingly Dragonfly and we wanted to get out of labyrinth of ice into the southern Peel Sound
- our laughter while the benevolent policeman Cambridge Bay from his car advised us back to the boat because he had heard gunshots he could not identify and did not want anything to happen to us (even though it was us who came just to break our joy by firing fireworks in the sky ...) This extraordinary journey has confirmed one .my husband is even crazier than I thought it would have driven us in this adventure 2. we are fortunate to have three amazing girls who have always remained optimistic and zen and 3 despite the difficult conditions. that without determination and perseverance, we get nowhere! We must now take six flights to return to Switzerland, short stay to prepare our new bags and leave two days later for a different life ... Shanghai! A big thank you to Yves Sylvain and without whom this expedition would not have been possible!

NW Passage


29.08.2013, Edmonton

I think that experience alone in the middle of ice were very instructive. Could I say : It was very nice yesterday what it was too, but it was much more. It was not only the many beautiful landscapes , but also that particular feeling when the icebergs and floes crack sidewall year . I mean, it's really scary sometimes . And what was also new to me, friendships are the ones we 've made, the other people on the other boats that are in the same location . We also have the same goal and help each other, I think that's great. I find it funny how all agree on VHF, it's just different and that makes it exciting and instructive, I think. It's too complicated to explain . What I mean by that Will is that sometimes everything comes so fast aussi much as ice and immediately we create and we wegmüssen there anyway to help each other and such. This is a new feeling and I think it's great .
What I also liked was the free time for myself that I had. Although short were the days are quickly unbelievably flew past , because I usually get up at the " Dragonfly" until eleven clock , I was able to finally evil write stories and listen to music without having to constantly think "I should now I actually do homework ... " adding but I have that to me now most of my 1000 songs hanging out the neck. :)
I think in this one and a half months I have photographed more than a year all over . 1500 photos :) until now that is my record . But you can also not help with all the landscapes , colorful Gehrau to Greenland , the sun reflections in the water , some fantastic clouds in the sky and the animals. I think aussi , I've really learned a lot. I would have loved to have stayed longer here , although very tempting idea, of course, is once again properly and warm shower and to be back in the heat. :)

NW Passage

Crew Exchange

29/08/2013, Dease Strait

Today, We had a big big crew change: Marielle, Naima, Line and Anissa flew off via Kugluktuk, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Montreal and Zurich to Shanghai, Where the Girls Will join Their new school. The boat feels very empty without em. No one reading, drawing or giggling. No music from iPods, less stuff lying around, less movement. No more ginger tea and Bircher Muesli in the mornings and hot water bottles in the evenings. Only men left (Yves Sylvain, myself). We are very sad That they're gone. goal we got two new crew members: My uncle Michael Dechamps from Munich, as well as Richard Tegner from Stockholm. Richard was INITIALLY Reviews another boat is doing the passing, the Swedish DAX goal due to engine failure They Had to give up in Pond Inlet and Richard Continued for a while on an expedition cruise ship Akademik Ioffe before joining Dragonfly in Cambridge. Arte is filming a 10-hour documentary on the Polar Sea, share of All which Consists of filming Richard's progress - And They Actually About did a movie session with us today. And then there was a lot happening in Cambridge in general today: There Were 5 sailboats (east to west) and three sailboats (west to east) on the dock. Then cruise ship Hanseatic arrived. And then one rowing boat and two kayakers arrived (west to east). Everyone at the same time, timed by the recent ice opening. Annual rush hour in Cambridge Bay! We left Cambridge Bay again in the evening, as we want to get as west as Quickly as possible, that 'is before the sea ice around Barrow Will close again with new ice. First leg: Cambridge Bay Tuktoyaktuk 700 nm (appr 5 days). The tricky hand Will Be Cape Bathurst, Where There is still 2/10 to 5/10 ice ...

NW Passage 

Arrival in Cambridge Bay

27/08/2013, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Just arrived in Cambridge Bay! Huuurrrraaayyy! All are safe and happy. Dragonfly is the second sailing boat to arrive from the east in Cambridge Bay this year. . It feels strange to back in the civilization More later - we need some drinks first ...

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