Thursday, August 15, 2013

S/V DAX cancels NWP with main engine problems

And now more sad things and of a more personal matter. We have dicided to abort the northwestpassage trip with the Dax. Thi decision is based on the risk of going further into the passage with an engine that can not be trusted. At almost every harbour or anchorage Martin has plunged int to the moter well to fix never ending problems. What trigged the decision at this point was when we left the anchorage at Cape Hatt and the motor was overheated and we had stop and tug it back for five hours of rowing whith the dingy to the anchorage since fixing a motor at open water is very tricky.
So now we are back in Pond Inlet saying hello to everybodey we sad goodbye to a couple of days ago. The engine is working at this moment but for how long is impossible to say but we will try to get dax to Greenland and Nuuk and put her on the hard there. We have also dicided that Martin and Bengt will do this and I, Richard will continue on my own in Arctic Canada. So for all of you who wants to continue following the Dax I refer to Martins facebook page
And for those who want to follow me,Richard in the Arctic a new blog will tell that story. Go to

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