Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaving your sailboat in Nome on the hard for the Alaskan winter? I do not recommend it!

I do not recommend putting your boat 'on the hard' in Nome Alaska for the winter. If you need to ask why then you really do not understand the risks, preparations and likely condition of your boat when you return. What does your insurance say about storage on the hard in Alaska? Freezing damage covered? The Arctic winter is extremely hash on equipment. Be sure to compare prices and if the business has all-risks insurance... lol Will your boat be secure?  Not likely... OMG!

Can your boat be pulled safely out of the water using a trailer onto the hard? Only you can make that decision because you will undoubtedly have to sign a full release of all risk and/or damage waiver. You have been warned! 

Sail on to Sand Point Alaska to a milder climate with a marine Travelift to move your boat. Kodiak, Homer, and Seward are alternative choices. The best? Motor south through the Inside Passage protected waters to British Columbia, Washington or Oregon State. 

On a budget with time to sail/motor south - consider the Port of Astoria Oregon at the sea entrance to the Columbia River up to Portland Oregon. 


Foreign vessel?  Make sure you secure a valid Cruising Permit when entering the USA (Canada) - https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/list/kw/OBTAIN%20CRUISING%20PERMIT )

BALTHAZAR on the hard in Nome for the 2013-2014 winter.

Do you think it will be sitting like this come Spring? NOT!!!

Kodiak Shipyard - 600T Travelift

Port of Astoria haulout boatyard

Or the North Tongue Port at Astoria Oregon

North Tongue Point Marine Facility

Port of Astoria West Marina

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