Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Earth Blows Away The Record For Sea Ice Gain In 2013

Earth Blows Away The Record For Sea Ice Gain In 2013

The amount of thin, rotten, decayed, bald sea ice on Earth has increased by nearly 33,000 Manhattans since this date last year – almost doubling the previous record for annual ice gain.
Note that the amount of sea ice on Earth has increased during six of the last eight years.
NOAA says that these are the hottest years ever, and that the Arctic will soon be ice-free.
ScreenHunter_25 Aug. 21 18.52

UPDATE 20130823

Gaia Announces A New Set Of Rules For Climate Alarmists

One month ago, NSIDC announced this :
Back when the sea was thick and lasted for years, cyclones tended to spread the ice out and actually increase its extent, said Julienne Stroeve of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Now, when ice gets spread out, it simply breaks up and disappears.
“As our ice cover has thinned, some of our old rules are changing,” said Stroeve.
Gaia has officially announced that she is angry about junk science. The graph below shows the daily change in Arctic ice area. The end of July storm caused a significant increase in ice area, the exact opposite of what NSIDC claimed.
ScreenHunter_38 Aug. 23 06.27
Also note that the melt season is all but done.


David Thoreson said...

Where is the red 2012 bar that shows the record loss of ice? It would have fallen off the chart. Your point looks more impressive leaving that little factoid out. Of course there will be a record increase in ice following a record loss otherwise the polar cap would not be freezing up in the winter season. More open water in summer equals more ice created in the winter.

David Thoreson said...

Where is the red line graph showing the record loss of ice in the 2012 summer melt season? Why was that left off the graph? It would have fallen off the bottom of the graph. Of course there is a record increase in ice following a record loss of ice otherwise there would be little winter ice composing the polar cap. The record number of boats and ships transiting the Arctic sea routes is a reflection of less summer ice and an extended summer season.

Voyage Adviser said...

David, Glad to hear from you - would be great for you to chime in on the many blogs and relate you NWP experience. You had to turn around once and retreat - what where the conditions and how was the retreat decision finally made?

You can follow StevenGoddard's blog - so much good information with a perspective which has to be taken as "eyes wide open" rather than listening to the Al Gore, Obama, NASA, rhetoric on the science of weather, climate and how man is destroying the earth... Just ask each to demonstrate their hypothesis with supporting data - not newpaper or Media rhetoric... is the planet really warming? NOT, cooling? Yes. Just wanted to make sure you are not off on some tangent called warming... I would not be surprised to see the NW Passage closed to yachts unless Canada gets their act together with icebreakers so the hamlets can be resupplied. Stay tuned - I'm expect new NWP news in a few weeks. Please chime in often - Thanks, Doug

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