Saturday, August 31, 2013

Preparing to navigate Cape Bathurst ice choke-point - comparing NWS v CIS graphics

As the yachts approach Cape Bathurst west bound to Alaska they need a plan of action - push or wait, if push what should be the route to try... inshore, offshore, hook and cover... so here is the data from the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Canadian Ice Service (CIS).

Who would you rely on?  Is the ice 1/10? or is it 1-3/10 Young Ice (4-12" thick)? Does the difference in detail matter?

What say you arm chair skippers?


Cape Bathurst section expanded snip


Cape Bathurst section expanded

I think the decision is obvious... lots of zig-zagging! Push! Neither chart contradicts an attempt to set a route to navigate around Cape Bathurst.
1) Time is of the essence to reach Nome and on to Sand Point or beyond before the weather becomes intense.
2) Point Barrow is open. NWS says there is a chance of Chukchi Sea ice moving towards shore. Will keep a watch on this location.

Standing by...

FYI - USCGS HEALY Aloftcon webcam - 1/10 ice? Close enough.

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Anonymous said...

I'd advance to the cape at Franklin Bay, collect weather and ice charts then make the decision. At this point its easy to say 'push' but a lot can happen in 36 hours... so lets wait and see what the yachts decide... counting down to Decision day...

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