Monday, September 16, 2013

Why did the "FAT LADY" sing the end of the 2013 NW Passage 'opera' on September 15th? ICE CHOKE-POINT - A picture is worth a thousand words

Several vessels are traveling from the west to the east thinking they can still make a late season NW Passage in 2013.  I think the chances are much less than a prudent mariner should accept - knowing that the likely risk places crew and ship in extreme danger - beset in sea ice - can an icebreaker respond, how long would it take to reach the vessel - are you willing to allow sea ice compression against a "yacht" hull?  NO! 

I can only think of one reason for a yacht to be underway in the Arctic today. TO EXIT THE ARCTIC ASAP. Now that a major route choke-point is once again forming it just would be 'crazy' to attempt such a late season passage in a yacht.  

Update on 20130917
Thanks to for ice charts

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