Thursday, September 19, 2013

East bound S/V TARA arrives Tuktoyaktuk in the western Arctic but the FAT LADY has sung - ICE BLOCKAGES EXIST IN THE NW PASSAGE - NOW WHAT?

The motor-sailing research vessel TARA arrived Tuktoyaktuk on 20130918. Will she continue east and attempt to push through ice blockages?

Circled blockages would stop most vessels. Will TARA attempt to push through or ask for icebreaker assistance?


Doug said...

On another expedition Tara spent 500 days locked in ice so are they doing whatever it takes to circle the pole?
On one of Tara's videos we find Vincent from Babushka. Babushka's voyage has to be the most dangerous of the year.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

I'm concerned when skippers put the lives of the crew on the line for no good reason. As we have learned once again, the CCG helicopter occupants died after only an hour of exposure to freezing sea water before the icebreaker could reach them. The helo carried a life raft - had it been STC certified for outside storage and rapid deployment maybe the outcome would be different - never get wet in the Arctic. Canada does NOT have proper Arctic SAR capabilities let alone not one Arctic deep water port of refuge. Canada makes "services" available to ships that "register" when transiting through the Northwest Passage. Shouldn't like "services" be available to private yachts who also "register"? Without investment into infrastructure Canada is not going to get a handle on Arctic transits - be it by yachts, rowboats, jetskis or ships. Expect more sad stories before the frown turns into a smile. Stephen Harper's promises for the Arctic are empty - only when Citizens hold him to them will Canada become a valued Arctic country.

EW3 said...

Capt, on their website this morning it had said they were getting underway tomorrow. Just went back to it again, and there is no mention of getting underway.
Think unless there is a biblical parting of the ice they will be heading west soon. Let's see what tonights ice reports show.

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