Thursday, September 5, 2013

NOAA uses rhetoric to hide the Arctic ice gains as global warming blush - Rowers can't believe their own eyes - ice everywhere still calls it warming - a common thread - money funds their attitudes

Shock News : NOAA Lied About Arctic Ice

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The 2013 record is a record gain in ice, not a record loss of ice.
ScreenHunter_83 Sep. 02 09.58

“The findings are striking,” Kathryn Sullivan, Noaa’s acting administrator, said on a conference call. “Our planet as a whole is becoming a warmer place.”

The scientists were reluctant to point directly to the cause of the striking changes in the climate. But the annual reports are typically used by the federal government to prepare for the future, and in June president Barack Obama used his climate address to direct government agencies to begin planning for decades of warming atmosphere and rising seas.
The biggest changes in the climate in 2012 were in the Arctic and in Greenland, said the report, which is an annual exercise by a team of American and British scientists. The Arctic warmed at about twice the rate of lower altitudes, the report found. By June 2012, snow cover had fallen to its lowest levels since the record began. By September 2012, sea-ice cover had retreated to its lowest levels since the beginning of satellite records, falling to 1.32 million square miles.
That was, the report noted, a whopping 18% lower than the previous low, set in 2007, and a staggering 54% lower than the mark for 1980.

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Shock News : Rowers Lied About Arctic Conditions

When I first discussed the rowers, I predicted that they would massively fail and then lie about what they encountered. And that is exactly what happened.
They saw zero evidence of climate change, and the NW Passage was blocked with ice at both ends.

10 Responses to Shock News : Rowers Lied About Arctic Conditions

  1. squid2112 says:
    Ugh, I can’t believe I just forced myself to watch that. What a bunch of CRAP! … Liars! Blatant Flagrant Liars!
  2. @njsnowfan says:
    The canary in the coal mine has spoken this summer, coldest summer since records have started in 1958. The last 3 of 5 summers have been the coldest on record since 1958
    I think the guy should do their own research instead of watching TV for news about Arctic temps.
  3. miked1947 says:
    The French Canadians look to have the best chance of completing the journey in their Kayak.
  4. Fred from Canuckistan says:
    it is all about monetizing their failure, white washing their piss poor planning -how can anyone be surprised about the Arctic being windy!
    Doesn’t matter to them . . . they are morally superior beings who can do whatever it takes to support their religious beliefs.
  5. Ben says:
    Hat tip to Fred from Canuckistan
  6. Colorado Wellington says:
    As predicted. It doesn’t matter they failed. Their cheerleaders in the media will make it a success.
  7. Colorado Wellington says:
    Next Last First Row for Climate Change:
    Driven by their media success the Arctic Rowers announced they will build a custom submarine and row it under the ice to triumphantly emerge from the Hole near the Pole in August 2014.
  8. stewart pid says:
    The record cold summer temps, as documented by DMI, don’t merit a mention in this POS bit of propaganda!
  9. jack b :-) says:
    Public schools in Canada must teach the same ‘everybody gets a medal’ garbage that we get down here in the ussa. Figgers…
  10. Ben says:
    Rowers lied, anchors died.


Jim Hunt said...

Shock News - Clouds hide melting Arctic sea ice. Again!

I guess that's not what you want to hear though Doug?

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

I'll take it under advisement - no matter what I post it either received applause else flames. I have a full schedule today - snorkeling, walking around the garden an selecting fruits to enjoy, a VHF radio to change out, some plumbing to adjust else replace, the cat is waiting for it;s monthly bath... :-)

Jim Hunt said...

Is that a pussy cat or a catamaran Doug? In any case I'm pleased to hear that the weather's fine where you are. We've had the first decent summer here in South West England since 2006, and our figs are now edible for a change!

However the heavens opened again last night and our electricity was out for 3 hours. The Met Office even got the forecast right!

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