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S/V LADY DANA 44 becomes the first Polish yacht to complete a Northern Sea Route Passage but changes plans to not attempt a late season Northwest Passage in 2013 but to winter in Vancouver B.C. Canada

Ryszard Wojnowski
Arctic Circumnavigation in one season - changes plans 20130914 - winter Vancouver B.C. Canada
14.3m x 4.5m x 2.0m steel sloop

THE WIND TO Provideniya AND PLANS CHANGE AS ICE , 16.09.2013, the

Concluding text last blog, I wrote that "going to happen" and was not mistaken . sensed but not one bit that happens to so many and so essentially thwart our plans ...: (

Even two days before we were almost certain that brought to Peveku specifically for the French border guards will celebrate the occasion we check tare and thus save us hundreds of miles through the Northwest Passage .Unfortunately, as you know, refused. Similar hopes were binding engine repair and also it did not work out. Given the circumstances we decided that there's nothing here for us, and to catch a boat to Providenija and further east as soon as we hit the road.

Not even looking in the calendar we put moorings and quietly without motor with minimal wind one we went on an adventure. Already from the beginning "started to happen." Instead of wind and over again ominous silence enveloped us so that we could hear only the creaking rigging. Trapped lack of wind after all we were good hope. After many hours of homelessness in the bay finally left the hook in the hope that at the end of the attachment.Wind is the total was, but weak and unfortunately completely opposite. Still, it's not the tone spuszczaliśmy maintaining a good mood among the crew. Believing that it must come to an end laboriously but with optimism halsowaliśmy uphill earning more miles.

Unfortunately, only a mile. Much to our disappointment, we moved almost not at all to the east. She passed the first day, second, third fourth and fifth, and we though we were dragging behind him drift sock. Not helped spell or downloaded several times a day GRIBY / Internet weather forecasts /. The wind was blowing in the face, or in general it was not. That's when the next amendment to watch but still sleepy "receiving simple messages" I heard from a goblet"so this is how to go on Friday."

In a flash I remembered the old sailing superstition saying that goes out to sea on Friday. Although as stated later Rysiek concern that is leaving on a cruise, but still something was wrong. Nautical saying "Do not go out on Friday - problems start" worked well in our case very effectively.

Further road shows that it was worth it to look at the calendar and wait a few hours until the next day, because every other day we were exhibited at the next test of character. already thought it could not be worse when future emails from our Finnish friends from the yacht Saaremaa. Pekka and Rita reported sadly very bad for us, the ice on the route of the Northwest Passage. exceptionally cold winter held the previous sections NWP icy relatively long and the wickedness of fate back this winter came very early.

No przeczuwający this as we crew of twelve yachts reaching the Northwest Passage - West - stuck in the ice trap for 11-th of September in Cambridge Bay harbor. With a fleet of 12 units were supposed to go 10 back, and the two are preparing for hibernation in the Canadian port. Communicated to us by the fins information came fromPeter Semotiuka monitoring the transition of yachts in the region. He confirmed a suspicious blue color seen by Rysiek on

Without waiting for a moment podzwoniliśmy where possible, and especially to our affiliates meteorologists asking for a thorough review and the most recent data. Unfortunately, they confirmed the poor ice conditions in Cambridge Bay, which we had yet ok.1800Mm

Upon receipt of this alarming news we faced the most important decision in this cruise.

Sail on a polar orbit and carrying out a plan established to fight the Arctic ice?, Or let go of so-called "driving the razor" and directed "Ms. Danka" to the south.

Although I wrote that faced the decision but in the end as the yacht decision made ​​captain.

Taking into account everything I said before, above all, security and a real chance to do a full loop around the pole of the season, Ryszard made ​​the difficult but as we all think the right decision - CHANGE OF PLANS. known adage says "PLANS ARE THE FOLLOWING TO CHANGE THEM" We have applied to him, not without regret.expedition preparing long and carefully with a view to full implementation of the idea. Though we had in store, of course, is an emergency option in the spirit of hoping for better luck. Since most of the money and of course work put into this project because he Rysiek the more difficult it was for him to make the binding decision.

Well, I have in life is that you can not have everything, and ambitions should not replace common sense.Sticking to these rules for years happily return to their homes of many more or less dangerous expeditions or trips.This time, though, we had to let go of the last Part of the project is extremely difficult but we have a lot to achieve.

We witnessed a very interesting trip to Sopot by RSS Białomorski the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea.extremely interesting "trip" from Archangel archipelago of Franz Josef Land in the Barents Sea , and on the occasion of the participation and victory in the race RUSARC 80 , sailing around the island of Novaya Zemlya to the Kara seas , and most importantly defeat the Northwest Passage - East.

In our cruise "Lady Dana 44" as the first in the history of sailing under the Polish flag and one of the few in the world defeated the North East Passage. When morning 09/14/2013, in the Bering Strait, crossed the meridian of longitude 169 to thereby pass the official distance North East Passage felt more than ever that we are witnessing the nautical history.

This is why today, as I write these words, and the boat safely docked in port Proviedeniya - we are happy and ready for a new alternative route to the Canadian Vancouver. :) Place beautiful, but a long way. That is where we plan to reach 2300 nm beating the waters of the North Pacific in Vancouver to leave our boat for winter storage.

The "adventures" in the last Russian port of Provideniya , and believe me "has already begun to" tell the next blog.

Daniel Michalski

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