Friday, September 20, 2013

Historic 6th Northwest Passage for British Yachtsman David Scott Cowper aboard motor vessel POLAR BOUND

It's official, a west to east 2013 Northwest Passage in the record books for Polar explorer, David Scott Cowper. David was joined on his record setting 6th Northwest Passage by crewmember Jane Maufe, who by the way, is the fourth Great Niece of Sir John Franklin. Let the records reflect that at 1500 hours GMT on 20th September her good crew aboard motor vessel POLAR BOUND did cross the Arctic Circle at 66.28’N and 59.45’W in Davis Strait bound for home port in Great Britain after wintering over in Petersburg Alaska.


Official 2013 west to east NW Passage route of travel - from the Arctic Circle in the Bering Strait to the Arctic Circle in Davis Strait.

M/V POLAR BOUND fueling in Petersburg Alaska enroute to challenge the Northwest Passage for a historic 6th time.

Jane Maufe and David Scott Cowper refueling POLAR BOUND in Petersburg Alaska

British Yachtsman David Scott Cowper

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Anonymous said...

So what does this man know that allows him to achieve his records of success? SIX Northwest Passages. Circumnavigations in both directions AND in both SAIL and MOTOR yachts... he is truly amazing. I have to agree that he is our greatest living yachtsman.

Anonymous said...

Great achievement......

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