Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marathon rower Charles Hedrich calls it quits at Tuktoyaktuk for 2013, He plans to return in 2014 to continue the first rowing of the Northwest Passage

"Marathon rower quits at 1,200 miles across Arctic Alaska: Charles Hedrich, a French adventurer, on Monday abandoned his attempt to become the first person to row solo across the Northwest Passage. Hedrich pulled into the Canadian hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea. 600 miles east of Barrow, Alaska, and called it quits. "I'm expired". On his blog, Hedrich said he was running into Increasing sea ice, and plummeting temperatures. Hedrich said he will winter the boat in the village and begin the rest of the journey next summer. In all, he has completed about 1,200 miles of the 4,400 miles of his Northwest Passage journey".

So lets take a look at the rowboats:

ARCTIC JOULE - Inuvik to Cambridge Bay - half-way to destination of Pond Inlet
FAIRMONT's PASSION - Inuvik to Cambridge Bay - half-way to destination of Resolute Bay
ROWING ICE (Charles Hedrich) - Pacific Ocean's Arctic Circle near Wales Alaska to Tuktoaktuk NWT Canada - about 25% to destination of the Atlantic Ocean's Arctic Circle in Davis Strait to complete an official Northwest Passage.

The only other self-propelled craft is a tandem kayak, IKIMAYIA, which continues underway having started in Inuvik and is east of Cambridge Bay. With temperatures dropping to -5C and snow falling I do not expect it to reach destination at Igloolik near Fury & Hecla Strait at the north end of Hudson Bay.

UPDATE 20130912
Eh bien voilà, nous avons rejoins Gjoa Haven ce matin! La température continue de chuter, les glaces se rapprochent et l'hiver s'installe tranquillement. Notre périple s'arrête donc ici après de nombreuses aventures qu'il nous fera plaisir de partager avec vous à notre retour! Au plaisir de vous retrouver et merci du support que vous nous avez témoigné tout au long de l'expédition.
Well here we agree with Gjoa Haven this morning! The temperature continues to fall, ice closer and winter settled quietly. Our journey therefore stops here after many adventures that we will gladly share with you upon our return! The pleasure you find and thank you for the support that you have given us throughout the expedition. (Translated by Bing)

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