Saturday, September 14, 2013

Now on Demand: The Other Side of the Ice - Sprague Theobald on Motor Vessel BAGAN challenges the NW Passage ice

The Other Side of the Ice - Official Trailer [HD] from HOLE IN THE WALL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Now On Demand: The Other Side of the Ice


The Northwest Passage is a sea route through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The route is dangerous and has claimed many lives. But one filmmaker conquered the route with his family in tow on a five-month journey.
Sprague Theobald is the mastermind behind the movie, "The Other Side of the Ice," now airing On Demand on Bright House Networks. The movie follows Theobald and his family during the 8,500-mile trek filled with deadly danger from ice and severe weather.
“The passage has been this theoretical passage between the Atlantic and Pacific and is usually chocked by ice,” said Theobald. “But for hundreds and hundreds of years, I mean back to Columbus’ day, man has been trying to find this Arctic trail that can make a shortcut from the Atlantic to Pacific.”
Reuniting his children and stepchildren after a divorce more than 15 years earlier, the family embarked with untold hurts and unspoken mistrusts.
“What I found out -- and this is the main message from the documentary -- is that regardless of damage that you think may be done, there was a basis of love and concern underneath all of that,” explains Theobald.
"The Other Side of the Ice" is a film of survival, adventure and, ultimately, redemption.
Now you can watch "The Other Side of the Ice" On Demand. Go to Bright House Networks Channel 340, scroll over to Movies & Music, and select New Featured Film to watch it now.

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