Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sailing cat LIBELLULE arrives Tuktoyaktuk westbound to Alaska


04/09/2013, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

Tuk arrived in late last night. Refuelling, food shopping, immigration, internet - the usual procedure on the menu for today. Tuk is famous for icts Pingo, 190 km for the ice road to Inuvik (only open from December-May, on frozen marshland) and for Being hand of the DEW line (visible in the upper left of the picture). The radar domes Were installed in the 1950s as share of the Distant Early Warning Line, to monitor air and sea traffic, and can detect intrusions falling on the Soviet Cold War. Apart from That, Tuk is a very friendly town, surrounded by water and tundra. The sea ice around Point Barrow HAS Retreated Somewhat, and the wind forecast is positive Rather, so we will sail out again this afternoon with destination Nome (1100 nm) , and potential stop overs in Barrow and Herschel.
NW Passage 


04/09/2013, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

Tuktoyaktuk is famous for Pingo icts. These are small hills All which resulted from subtle (and submarine) ice activity in the permafrost. Check the driftwood in the front of the picture, all coming in from the Mackenzie river delta. We will need to watch out for logs floating in the water further Top When sailing west.

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