Saturday, September 7, 2013

M/Y MICHAELA ROSE is assisted by CCGS HENRY LARSEN through Prince Regent Inlet sea ice

I wonder why the CCGS AMUNDSEN departed Resolute Bay (nearest to M/Y MICHAELA ROSE's beset ice position in the middle of Prince Regent Inlet with 7/10 ice) and proceeded away to the SW requiring CCGS HENRY LARSEN to run a much greater distance from Arctic Bay to provide assistance in Prince Regent Inlet? It is a busy icebreaker season in the Arctic.

It is like watching chess pieces being moved on a 'sea ice board' without any spoken comments.

Here are the pieces:

And the "chess board" of Prince Regent Inlet sea ice

Monday morning quarterback comment - why did the motor yacht "ice pilot" purposely navigate into 7/10 ice when the ice chart clearly shows 2/10 ice to the east along the coastline?

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