Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Which way would you choose to navigate? 

Route A is north in Peel Strait

Route B is north in Prince Regent Inlet after transiting through Bellot Strait.

BUT when you are north of the entrance to Bellot Strait you appear to be lost? Whats up? Ice pilot lost or CCG instructions? You decide.

I think he missed the turn... lol

Harlan Crow, 64, Texas developer and the Crow Family was once the largest landlord in the United States.
Built in 1984, 49m/162ft. steel motor vessel gross tons 525, 2080hp, 3800nm range  @14kts, reported 16 passengers and 13 crew
West to east NWP - reported in Cambridge Bay 20130901 

BTW - I wonder if they were able to help recover any of the DANGEROUSWATERSTV abandon equipment? Likely the CCG took it all aboard when they rescued everyone yesterday. But you never know.

Anyone with details - please comment below.


EW3 said...

No details, just a guess.

Since the CCG rescued the people from dangerous waters in almost the same location as the MICHAELA ROSE is right now, perhaps she's going to follow the ice breaker north through Peel Strait and then head east via Lancaster Sound.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

You need to look once again at the above "A" and "B" routes. No one would attempt the long "A" route behind an icebreaker when route "B" is much shorter and involves less ice concentration. Please look at this video of a yacht behind an icebreaker - brutal - ice fills back behind an icebreaker rapidly - I doubt that 162 foot beauty would make it without urgent need for repairs.

Video url:

EW3 said...

Saw that video earlier, and it did pass through my mind that the MV would take a beating. And I a agree with your comparison of both routes. But, if the CCG was going the A route, it might be prudent to follow it rather then the shorter route alone.

Angelo DiGiulian said...

I have a friend aboard. Are there any updates?

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

M/Y MICHAELA ROSE has now turned around and made it through BELLOT STRAIT and is anchored with other yachts at Fort Ross.

Guess the ice pilot missed the entrance?

EW3 said...

They still may need to have a CCG vessel to get out of this. Looks like a lot of ice in the north moving south.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

M/Y Michaela Rose is currently in the north section of Prince Regent Inlet attempting to navigate through ice at 2122 hrs CDT. A morning update will provide more information.

Don't be surprised if a rabbit is pulled out of a hat for the yachts waiting Fort Ross. One more week of melting can produce a miracle.

Stand by

Victor Wejer said...

Shure enough, MR managed Regent with some problems while those problems were just an ice and for their ice pilot nothing new. They met Gitana beset on it way out on Thursday pm.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

Victor, details on GITANA. I believe E-W NWP. Did they use Bellot Strait? Where are they stuck in the ice? Standing by, Doug

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