Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sailing cat LIBELLULE passes Cape Bathurst ice choke-point heading to Tuktoyaktuk

Baillie Island

03/09/2013, Observation Point, Baillie Island, NWT

Yiieehhaaa! Just Passed Baillie Island, off Cape Bathurst. Had about 30 nm of 2/10 to 5/10 ice. Yves stayed in the mast for four full hours. 

In the beginning, it Looked Almost impenetrable and We Were starting to get frustrated. Goal then we saw a polar bear on an ice floe behind us, so we turned around To have a closer look at the magnificent animal and spotted a narrow pass just next to him. He was our 'fortune bear', showing us the way. 

Of course, he Looked quite annoyed When We Passed him ... Now we're flying (surfing?) across Liverpool Bay at 8-14 kn with a nice easterly pushing us. Icts the water changed color to a murky brown, probably the impact of the Mackenzie River delta flood. Next destination Tuktoyaktuk.

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