Sunday, September 8, 2013

Counting down the days - Which yachts are fighting to escape an Arctic winter? Who will win? Who will lose?

Updated 20130908 status on known Arctic vessels: The standing rule is if you are in the Arctic on September 15th when the FAT LADY SINGS you should prepare to winter over. Here are the known details of the 2013 vessels that challenged the Arctic.

ACALEPHE (CA) - underway in Arctic Alaska to round Pt. Barrow for Nome Alaska
ANNA (SWE) - Last known position was Port Leopold
ARCTIC JOULE (CA) - Quit half-way at Cambridge Bay to Pond Inlet destination
ARCTIC TERN (GBR) - Retreated from Bellot Strait back to Sisimiut Greenland
BALTHAZAR (CA) - Inuvik to Nome and hauled out to winter over on the hard
BABUSHKA (FRA) - Requested icebreaker rescue at 82 13.97N, -171 47.09W
BERNARD EXPLORER (USA) - Retreated from Arctic Alaska back to Cordova
DAX (SWE) - Main engine problem forced a retreat to Greenland
DODO'S DELIGHT (GBR) - East bound waiting weather at Fort Ross
EMPIRICUS (USA) - Wintering over in Cambridge Bay
FAIRMONT's PASSION (USA) - Quit half-way at Cambridge Bay to Resolute Bay destination
GITANA (USA) - West bound Fort Ross waiting weather, wintering over Cambridge Bay
GLORY OF THE SEA (CA?) - Hudson Bay(?) - unsure of destination or schedule 
HANNAH (?) - East bound waiting weather at Fort Ross

IKIMAYIA (CA) - East bound paddling towards Montreal Island hoping to reach their stated destination of Igloolik at Fury & Hecla Strait
ISATIS (NEW CALEDONIA) - West bound underway in Arctic Alaska for Pt. Barrow to Nome Alaska
LA BELLE EPOQUE (AUT) - West bound underway in Arctic Alaska for Pt. Barrow to Nome Alaska
LADY DANA (POL) - Beset in Russian Arctic waters near Dikson, waiting for ice to melt in the Vilkitsky Strait
Lady M II (Marshal Islands) - East bound with an icebreaker escort. Turned around and exited Arctic to the west - ETA Nome 20130909
LE MANGUIER (FRA) (known as MANGO) - Wintering over near Paulatuk NWT
LIBELLULE (CHE) - South bound to Nome Alaska ETA a few days.
MICHAELA ROSE (GBR) - After beset rescue by Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker in Prince Regent Inlet they continued on to Beechey Island. Voyage destination unknown.
MORNING HAZE (DE) - Aborted after rudder damage seeking repairs in Greenland
NOEME (FRA) - status unknown at this time

OCTOPUS (KY) - West to east passage entering Bellot Strait on 20130909
PAS PERDU LE NORD (BE) - Recovered from grounding in Peard Bay Alaska, enroute to Nome Alaska
POLAR BOUND (GBR) - East bound on 6th NW Passage waiting weather at Fort Ross
ROWING ICE (FRA) - East bound NW Passage continuing to row else waiting weather near Cape Bathurst.
TARA (FRA) - Departed Pevek Russia eastbound attempting single season Arctic circumnavigation
TOOLUKA (NED) - Retreated from Bellot Strait back to Greenland.
TRANQUILLO (NED) - status unknown
TRAVERSAY III (CA) - West bound underway in Arctic Alaska for Pt. Barrow to Nome Alaska
DANGEROUS WATERS (USA) - Rescued by Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker near Bellot Strait, All crew OK, returned to Gjoa Haven.

Who did I miss?

HANSE EXPLORER (Antigua & Barbuda)
Peter Harren & Partner 
157' x 34' x 14' built in 2006
7 cabins with up to 12 guests
14 crew 

20130908 position 68° 26.4'N, -111° 53.6'W (westbound in Coronation Gulf)

Gale warning in effect.
DolphinSunday night Monday - Wind east 15 knots veering to southeast 20 this morning then increasing to southeast 30 this evening. Wind increasing to east 35 early Monday morning then diminishing to east 30 Monday evening.BaillieTuesday - Wind east 25 knots.Tuktoyaktuk southern halfWednesday - Wind south 15 knots.Thursday - Wind light increasing to northwest 20 knots.
Other vessels?

BACKWARDS & DOWNWIND... I think this drawing by Kevin on ARCTIC JOULE speaks volumes 
more than all his rhetoric about global warming. A dare-devil corporate sponsored PR stunt!


Anonymous said...

You are wrong about Lady M 11. She is now in Nome having completed the passage.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

References, pictures, personal observation? Don't make bold statements because now you look silly without any facts... does your name contain "bama" like the great college football team from Alabama?


Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

I think you are correct - can anyone confirm the furthest east extent the LAYD M II traveled? I was under the impression they were on a West to East voyage and now I'm wondering it they turned around to the west and did a double transit - NOT likely from the Davis Strait Arctic Circle but possible with deep fuel money pockets. Anyone help?

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