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Two Kayakers ICE DREAM 2013 to challenge the NW Passage - OH MY ITS GOING TO BE A BUSY 'SAR' SEASON!


The expedition "Ice Dream 2013" is to achieve a world first in the field of sports expeditions and sea kayaking in fact we try to make the first crossing of the Northwest Passage in a single season by sea kayak . Several years ago, the melting of Arctic sea ice releases the Northwest Passage for a period allowing us to paddle the distance in a single season.

From Tuktoyaktuk, we will travel about 3500 km to get us to Igloolik end of our journey, all in less than 80 days . During the trip, we will stop in various Inuit communities to restock on food and fuel, essential for cooking our meals.


Sebastien Lapierre

Born in Saguenay, Sebastian quickly made contact with nature and the great outdoors. From an early age, he was already passionate about exploration and nature, from big days strolling through the surrounding forests.Over the years, his passion has continued to grow and this is by joining the Army Cadets he was able to develop its technical wilderness survival, orienteering using maps and compasses and thus confirm his obvious fondness for nature, camping and exploration. Sébastien subsequently joined the army in the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. Boasting an infantry officer training, he was able to improve his knowledge of topography and orientation while developing excellent physical condition. Following this, he turned to a career as a professional firefighter, first in Saguenay and Quebec City where he plies his trade since 2006. Over the years, he has developed some expertise in winter camping and is also passionate about everything related to the outdoors. Adept diving, climbing, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing, Sebastian wants a versatile athlete. After spending several weeks in the Rockies, he tested his knowledge across Quebec, either in the Monts-Valin, the Chic-Chocs, the Laurentians or other large area subject to climatic conditions roughest. He now thirst for new challenges and it is in Greenland it wishes to undertake his "career" as an explorer. His penchant for risk, his passion for the great outdoors and his love of winter are the reasons for wanting to Sebastian one day conquer the South Pole. Greenland is only the first step towards achieving that dream. "I dedicate this expedition Mr. Yves Laforest (first Quebecer to climb Everest) that I unfortunately did not get a chance to know, but it has inspired me and continues to be for me, as for many other Quebecers, an example of courage, dedication and transcendence ... Thanks! "

Olivier Giasson

Olivier emerged in the Quebec region. Outdoor enthusiast since a young age, he developed a certain comfort with the elements of nature. Risk appetite, the need to always excel and sheer determination led him to the career firefighter. He later specialized in vertical rescue, thus combining business with pleasure. His passion for the outdoors led him to travel across Quebec of course, but also in Western Canada and Europe and perfecting his knowledge in the field. Physical activity plays an important role in the life of Olivier and that is why he enjoys a wide variety of sports. Scuba diving, river kayaking, mountain biking, downhill and of course hiking and camping skiing are just a few examples. Loving challenges, it is with pleasure that Olivier joined the expedition "Ice Dream 2010." His knowledge of vertical rescue, pushed his taste for adventure and a passion for outdoor winter will make it an essential part of the team.

Check back for updates... the Canadian Coast Guard is going to be busy this summer in the Arctic... if you don't charge them for rescue they will be back again... fools usually don't learn very well from experiences...

FYI: Search And Rescue (SAR) is the search for and rescue provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger.

Two firefighters from Quebec attack the passage of the Northwest kayak

After three years of preparation, Sebastien Lapierre and ...  (Le Soleil, Jean-Sébastien Massicotte)
After three years of preparation, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson are preparing to tackle the Northwest Passage sea kayaking a 3500 km journey around the tandem attempt to complete in less than 80 days.

(Quebec) would think that Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson, two firefighters to the City of Quebec, like the fire escape and warmth. Indeed, the duo is preparing to leave in the Arctic, this time for a "holiday" sea kayak a long break away from the fire to tackle the legendary Northwest Passage West to realize that they call their "dream of ice."

It's been three years since the two sappers prepare their journey, an impressive distance of about 3500 km from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, and Igloolik, Nunavut. Lapierre and Giasson hope to rally the distance in less than 80 days.

The ice cover is no longer what it once was, both residents of Quebec are betting that they will enjoy a long window to complete the bold path in one season before return of the ice. If they succeed, they will become the first to achieve the feat in a kayak.

"We are in the early years when it is theoretically possible to do so," said Lapierre. "It's a big risk we take ..." Because in the absence of accurate data provided by other gone before them, nothing is for the pair.

Within a month almost to the day, kayakers therefore begin their race against time. Normally, Lapierre and Giasson should take off on July 18 with the hope of reaching to around September 30.

Watch out for polar bears!

An enormous challenge in which they will have to tackle every day 45 km on average, while wary of currents and tides, ice that could block their passage and the whims of Mother Nature. Ah yes! Polar bears will also monitor ...

An itinerary divided into six stages of a dozen days each. It is autonomy that guys have to board their tandem, Boreal Design Beluga 21 feet. Theoretically, the safety of the next village will therefore never more than five or six days of kayaking. At the end of each stage of the freeze-dried food and equipment parts - mailed - the wait in the communities where the two adventurers to complete resupply stop.

Extreme conditions

The appointment was given to Cageux dock, a few strokes of the bridges of Quebec. In sunny and warm June morning, the conditions could not have been more different from those waiting Sebastian and Olivier in a few weeks.

While the sun beating strong made ​​the drysuits a little uncomfortable, paddlers rejoiced at the idea of a dip in the river. "There, we will not express to swim," said in a laugh Lapierre, a native of the Saguenay.

Since leaving nothing to chance, this guy took advantage of another day on the water including refining their techniques in an emergency, should they capsize and swim. Suddenly, the St. Lawrence was still playing the role of valuable training partner.

A faithful ally Lapierre and Giasson knew him in various conditions over the last few months in preparation for their dream of ice. Each time, as an opportunity to review and test equipment provided to make sure you have the essentials. "The material we provide, it brings optimal and minimalist approach. For each output, we are seeing what we can cut. See what is the surplus, "summarized Giasson, who just Quebec.

The power of friendship

Over maneuvers and conversations on the water with them, it became clear that the complicity of two friends is their greatest strength to meet this extreme challenge. Not to mention too, the guys understand and act effectively. Aboard their tandem kayak, even if their experience is rather solo, they are already more than one.

Aged respectively 34 and 28 years, Lapierre and Giasson know from school fire, there is a decade. A friendship that has been tested to work, but also shipping the past. Particularly in 2010, when the duo traveled to ski Greenland, a trip to the cold of 27 days on the ice of the Arctic.

During their journey through the Northwest Passage, the duo is planning to update the Facebook page Dream ice as often as possible. Patients in Quebec during their "buddies" will be in the North, Tania and Marie-Eve on the other hand can keep throughout the adventure using satellite calls Sebastian and Olivier will alternately to three days.

For Sebastian, the phone calls will be of particular importance. Is that Tania is pregnant. She should give birth in December, but still. Speaking with the adventurer, we also feel the little tear that lives, although it remains focused on the mission.

Niece of the late Yves Laforest, first Quebec summit of Everest, and herself adept outdoor sports, Tania is well positioned to accept the irresistible lure of adventure. "She understands," says the future dad. "She also knows how it is prepared for shipment."

Info: www.revedeglace.ca 
A natural combination

Question to provide visibility to shipment to a cause dear to their heart, Sebastien Lapierre and Olivier Giasson naturally thought to join the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for burn victims.One way to promote the work of the organization and encourage people to contribute to its funding.

The two firefighters Quebec City would also raise $ 17 500 by Igloolik they reach the fall. Equivalent to a small $5 kilometers paddled. A financial effort that the duo believes quite reasonable compared to the energy they need to deploy to cover the colossal distance.

It is possible to support the cause of the Foundation through the website of the expedition.

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