Friday, July 19, 2013

Tortoise or hare? Human or motor? Decision time: kayak, rowboat, sailboat or motor yacht? It all depends...

WOW! During the brief Arctic 'night-shift' from 2100 to 0500 hours team ICE DREAM in their tandem kayak named IKIMAYIA was able to paddle three times faster than TheLastFirst rowboat named ARCTIC JOULE who are 'walking the beach' claiming the wind is blowing too hard for them to row their over-sized whale of a rowboat... (ARCTIC DUD?) this horse race is not even going to be close... a tortoise vs hare story.... tip: double down on the hare.... and bet to WIN, PLACE and SHOW - ICE DREAM can take it all... new route, fastest time... and the 'Firsts' will become known over time.

Of course you should keep the human powered watercraft separate from the motor powered vessels.

Side note: Another Arctic rowing challenger with a 17.5 foot Norseboat named "FAIRMONT'S PASSION" preparing to depart Inuvik yesterday, down the MacKenzie River, decided to cancel their farewell celebration because of forecast strong winds... disappointing I'm sure... but what stands out... ROWBOATS ARE A POOR CHOICE FOR TRAVELING ON ARCTIC WATERS! YOU CANNOT ROW IN WINDS ABOVE 10-15KTS. Paddle into 10-15kts? Yes, but for how long might be another question to ask kayakers. Bottom line - humans against the Arctic - you must pick your battles if you expect to survive and live to see the end of the voyage.

When Roald Amundsen was asked how he made his historic Northwest Passage he said "I observed how the people who have lived in the Arctic have survived for thousands of years. I simply followed their tried and proven ways. I adapted and thoroughly enjoyed myself."

I've never seen a native rowboat in the Arctic. Well, except when brought here and being rowed by "outsiders." On the other hand you see native built bone and skin kayaks that have been used in the Arctic for hundreds of years.

Undoubtedly Amundsen was right - When in Rome do as the Roman's do!

That said... lets see how it goes in 2013 for rowboats, kayaks, sailboats and motor yachts challenging the Arctic.

Check back for updates...

17.5 ft. Norseboat FAIRMONT'S PASSION


Pushing the rowboat into Tuktoyuktuk - July 12 2013 from Mainstream Last First on Vimeo.

Ice Dream's tandem kayak IKIMAYIA (imagine it in all yellow color)

Photo: Une autre journée au boulot, un autre univers... En reportage sur le fleuve avec le duo de Rêve de Glace. La suite bientôt!

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