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TheLastFirst Rowboat Voyage in the Northwest Passage Coming To An End - DAMN ICE!

UPDATE: 20130717

Legendary Northwest Passage Voyage Coming To An End

ScreenHunter_152 Jul. 16 12.16
Having completed an epic 0% of the Northwest Passage (red line above) our intrepid rowers are blocked by ice and unfavorable winds.
This expedition was made possible by “climate change” through a route which was “once dominated by ice.”
ScreenHunter_153 Jul. 16 12.18

Hiding The Decline

Summer has peaked in the Arctic and the descent towards winter will begin in a few days. Every day this summer has been below normal temperature at the North Pole. This has been the coldest summer on record there.
ScreenHunter_189 Jul. 18 16.07
COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:
    I recall they have bottle of decent whiskey on board to celebrate their triumphant ow into Pond Inlet – it would be a great media moment to plug their cause.
    Since they have lots of ice and not a snowball’s hope in hell of making it to PI, maybe they should crack the bottle and have some on the rocks.
    “On the rocks” . . . excellent metaphor for their Great Greenie Eco Adventure Disaster.
  2. Chewer says:
    Their latest update basically says that they had no idea how to design a boat and that they had no idea what the Arctic is all about.
    Their dreams of grandeur and total lack of logic has turned their trip into one of eye opening reality.
    They realize what it’s like to feel like complete assholes and know they have zero chance of completing the trip.

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29 Responses to Legendary Northwest Passage Voyage Coming To An End

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:
    No really. We shouldn’t laugh.
  2. Chewer says:
    Twisted minds bring a twisted adventure!
    The entertainment factor is quite spectacular:)
  3. James Anderson says:
    The comments on the Guardian are enough to gag a maggot off a gut wagon.
  4. Gamecock says:
    The rowers got their headlines.
    • Gamecock says:
      I will elaborate. A few days ago, I did some internet searching to see how long it takes to walk across America. I found many stories of people’s plans. Standard headline: “X is going to walk across America to bring attention to Y. He expects it to take Z days.”
      I found virtually no reports of people actually walking across America. I assume most failed. But those who succeeded raised few headlines.
      Our rowers have brought attention to the loss of ice in the Arctic [sic]. They have SUCCEEDED. We can hoot and holler, but they got what they set out to get. Headlines.
  5. Fred from Canuckistan says:
    Ahhh yes. The Waldo Expedition.
    So much ice, so little time.
  6. Richard Lynch says:
    Looks like they are hunkered down, waiting for it to melt or for the wind to start blowing out of the south.
  7. slimething says:
    Where are they getting their food and water from?
  8. Stephen Richards says:
    The grauniad will still hail it as a success by hook or by crook. Mostly crooked.
  9. WJohn says:
    How useful would a shotgun be against a polar bear? Serious question.
  10. Mike says:
    A Brilliant success by any Liberal measure.
  11. swampsniper says:
    If they haven’t started eating their dead they haven’t even tried! It’s gonna make a terrible movie.
  12. WJohn says:
    Donald Crowhurst?
  13. NZ Groover says:
    And finally the penny drops for the rowers. “This global warming stuff…..we’ve been had”
    • phodges says:
      Of course not.
      They are blaming the excess cold and ice on Global Warming…see a few posts down…
  14. Crashex says:
    These guys are still early into the first quarter of their game. They now realize that their opponent is bigger, stronger and faster than they had imagined. They’ve been outscored decisively but they are not ready to give up. The spectators all see that the game is lost; they know who will win. But the competitors are steeling themselves to try harder–give it 110%. They will recognize the game is lost at halftime ~Aug 20th. They will finish at Kuglutuk, get a plane out of town and hail themselves as successful record holders for having rowed farther than last years crew.
  15. Chewer says:
    The weasels are on the move again, and looking for success-:)
  16. Bob says:
    I think they should man up and keep trying. They have a few more weeks to minimum ice

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