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Need Groceries in Arctic Canada? Try Postal Delivery else shopping at the Co-operatives

Canadian Favourites was started BY CANADIANS because we know there are so many of you out there like us, who can't find a favourite food item when you're away from home. Maybe you're a long-stay snowbird or a more permanently transplanted Canadian, You now have a convenient, safe, and easy way to order all those hard to find favourites. We also welcome all of you that may have visited Canada for a memorable vacation or were here on business and your palate discovered many unique Canadian flavours.
We're a family run business, committed to reuniting our fellow Canucks with their favourite taste of home. The products we carry are both Nationally recognized and Regional in nature. Selection is based on popularity and availability. If you don't see what your looking for tell us - We'll source it and get back to you.
Orders currently ship within 48 to 72 hours subject to availability of ALL items and our policy with respect to orders with chocolate items shipping on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We are unable to support back-orders.  If an item is unavailable, we will advise you to either (i) substitute or (ii) delete. Please place any special instructions / requests in the comments field of the order - we read them ALL.
Our products are not available for pick-up at the address on this site and must be ordered on-line, by phone, fax, or regular mail.

Please Note: The Bio Terrorism Act of the United States requires all exporters of food to the United States to provide the Food and Drug Administration with Prior Notice of all food shipments. We are registered with the FDA and all Prior Notice documentation is submitted with each order. Customs departments may randomly select packages which are opened and checked. This happens rarely, but is something over which we have no control. We cannot be responsible for minor damage incurred by Customs inspection. 
   All prices on this site are in Canadian Funds
   No Minimum Order Required ! 
  We accept Visa, Mastercard, PAYPAL and Money Orders. If you   have any questions or comments please call us Toll-Free, fax us, or E-mail us at

     Canadian Favourites: A Unique Taste of Home
  Toll-Free: 1-877-335-2372   Local  519-253-7171     Fax: (519) 253-7927
Snail Mail: 1525 Parent Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N8X 4J8

Hours EST Noon to 8:00PM Monday to Thursday - Saturday and Sunday - Closed Fridays and Holidays

Arctic Co-operatives Limited is a service federation that is owned and controlled by 31 community-based Co-operative business enterprises that are located in Nunavut and Northwest Territories.
Arctic Co-operatives Limited coordinates the resources, consolidates the purchasing power and provides operational and technical support to the community based Co-operatives to enable them to provide a wide range of services to their local member owners in an encomical manner.
  • Arctic Co-operatives Limited was incorporated in 1972.
  • Provides support to a co-op network with combined revenues of approximately $196.7 million in 2012.
  • The Member Co-op Patronage Refund in 2012 was $12.3 million.
  • Over 900 people are employed in our Co-op network.
  • The Co-op System in the north is a great example of Aboriginal community economic development in Canada
  • The 31 Co-ops are independently owned and controlled Inuit and Dene businesses.    They operate retail facilities, hotels, cable operations, construction, outfitting, arts and crafts production and property rentals.
We welcome you to explore our site and enjoy learning more about the Co-ops in Canada's Arctic Community.

When people hear the word Co-op in the north, many think of our retail stores. Retail makes up the majority of our business and throughout the north you will see our distinctive green and red striped buildings.

The Merchandising Division provides group procurement services to help reduce the cost of buying groceries. The annual re-supply for stores served by ship is also co-ordinated by this division. From recreational vehicle parts to fresh produce, our retail stores have it all. For smaller communities such as Colville Lake, a new retail facility ensures that members will have local access to the services and infrastructure they need. Some Co-ops pay out patronage dividends based on the member's annual purchases. It really does pay for members to do all their shopping at the Co-op

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