Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Charles Hedrich in rowboat ROWING ICE departs Wales Alaska to challenge a complete Northwest Passage

French sportsman, Charles Hedrich aboard ROWING ICE has departed Wales Alaska at 18:30 hours local time on July 1, 2013 from Alaska position 65 ° 36 '44 "North 168 ° 05 '21" West.  His first destination after 3-4 days of rowing will be Point Hope Alaska. Charles hopes to become the first person in 163 years to complete an entire 7,000km Northwest Passage by rowing his rowboat names 'ROWING ICE' from the Pacific Arctic Circle to the Atlantic Arctic Circle before the short summer minimum ice season becomes once again frozen in late October. Charles has asked his son, Nelson to join him for specific legs of the voyage, hence it will not qualify as a solo transit but rather a crewed event of which Charles is considered the captain and will receive the official byline credit.

The Ocean Rowing Society, will be the official agency for validation of all rowing records and provides the official tracking.

Nelson Hedrich snaps a photo with his father, Charles, in the background preparing for departure from Wales Alaska on Monday July 1, 2013.


ROWING ICE is a carbon-kevlar composite ocean rowboat 7 meters in length with 1 cubic meter of living space cab weighing 190kg empty. 
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