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S/V LADY DANA to sail the Northwest Passage as part of a Circumnavigation Around the North Pole in 2013

Lady Dana 44

Length: 14.30 m
Water line length: 12.00 m
Width: 4.50 m
Draught: 2.00 m
Material: STEEL
Boat Weight: 19.20 t
Ballast weight: 6.00 t
Side height: 3.27 m
Freeboard: 1.29 m
Rigging: Sloop
Sail area: 103.50 m 2
Mainsail: 50.25 m 2
Seals: 53.20 m 2
Mast: SELDEN C304 19m
Max. Total height: 22.17 m
Engine: Yanmar 4JH4 TE 55.2 KW
Power generator: KOHLER ephod 4.5 KW
Bow Thruster Side Power 6.5kW
Windlass: LEVMAR V4 1600
Heating: Eberspeacher D5
Desalinator: Danfoss HRO SAFARI ESCAPE
Start Battery - 80AH engineMain Battery 660AH
Battery Start - Engine 55 AH
Thruster Battery 90 AH


Ryszard Wojnowski, 55, captain of the yacht,

Experience: 50 000 nautical miles, including but not limited annual cruise on s / s Alf in the years 1978-1979 to South America in 2004, sailing on the s / s "Panorama" from Ushuaia to Antarctica, in 2010, sailing s / s "Dana 44" to Spitsbergen in excess of 80 degree latitude.

Photo by Barbara Ostrowska

Lech Romanowski - 59 years

Experience : Captain of the yacht, sailing instructor, maritime training more than 40 000 nautical miles, including among other other cruise around Africa, the annual cruise on the s / s Alf in the years 1978-1979 to South America. sailing yacht S / Y "MODEL 44" to Spitsbergen in excess of 80 degree latitude, many voyages in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Photo by Michael Kochańczyk

Daniel Michalski, 54 years, sailor, skier, traveler - a lover of sails, mountains and caravanning.

Experience : sailing yacht skipper / 1984 / instructor żeglarstwa/1982 /, senior helmsman motorowodny/1994 /. Internship sea over 15,000 Nm got engaged on from Canada to Gdynia across the North Atlantic / Zawisza Czarny 1984 /, from Gdynia in Spitzbergen by the Norwegian sea / Eltanin 2003 / cruises to ports in the North Sea, the Baltic, White, and as captain the charter in the waters of the Mediterranean / Greece / and the Adriatic / Croatia /

Daniel biggest passions associated for many years with his profession are sailing, skiing and traveling. He graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation Physical Education in Poznan and former university teacher AWFiS years in Gdansk / adventure tourism, skiing, boating /. Participated or organized and led dozens of camps, cruises and tourist entries in the country and abroad. For several years, traveling, being true to your own camper fan of caravanning. He likes challenges and journeys into the unknown, values ​​the friendship and ripped the company, like books music / guitar playing / and a cold beer.

Cezary Bajer, 44 years, yacht skipper sea, 15,000 miles of sea,

Experience: sailing the waters of the Baltic and North Sea including the award as the master replica of the sixteenth-century warship Zaporozhian Cossacks - Lapwing "PRIESVIATA pokrov" with Ukrainian crew, flying since he was twelve.

Photo by Barbara Ostrowska

Paul Ołdziej, 28 years, yacht skipper sailing 6000 nautical miles.

Four years ago he finished Warsaw University of Technology - Faculty of Electrical Engineering. For three years she has worked in Elektrobudowa SA in Warsaw branch as a designer.

Experience : Has a degree yacht skipper marine SRC certificate, flowed about 1400 hours during voyages in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, Cyclades, and the Atlantic voyages to the Shetlands, Spitsbergen, Iceland. Member and supporter of the Student Sailing Club Warsaw University of Technology. He swam since elementary school, starting with the optimists to later change to the larger yachts in Hawaii (after which likes to go sailing today). In addition to sailing likes kayaking, skiing, walking in the mountains, interested in history.

Photo by Catherine Kotlińska 

Michael Kochańczyk, age 63, skipper yacht, 5,000 nautical miles

Experience : swam among other Baltic Sea on a raft "Nord-bis", mountaineer, polar explorer, have extensive experience with glacial mountains and mountains of the High Arctic, the manager and participant over three mountain expeditions.

Photo by Michael Chalastra 


Michael Wojnowski, 16 years (during the trip on June 17 over 16 years)

Apprentice School No. 24 in Gdynia and Secondary Music School in Gdynia (Michael plays the piano). He participated in many sea voyages from the age of four. Owned maritime training to 8000 nm, including Atlantic voyages and long cruise to Spitsbergen.

Michael has extensive interests: a demonstrator training Polish Ski Association, practicing scuba diving, windsurfing and cycling, interested in music, physics and matematyką.W free time granted in Gdansk Hospice. Ks. DUDKIEWICZ.

Photo by Barbara Ostrowska

Sailing Route - Note route through Saint Petersburg Russia
(Click for larger image size)

The crew of the yacht "Lady Dana 44" embark on arctic voyage of Sopot, the newly built marina to the pier sailing. The route will start from the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, by the largest European lakes Ladoga and Onega. The route will be led Baltic-Białomorskim Canal to the Gulf Oneskiej in the White Sea. On the way to Archangel, the entrance to the Gulf Dwińskiej yacht to sail near Solovetsky Islands. After leaving the Archangel and a short stay in port Šojna Kanin Peninsula, the boat arrives on the Barents Sea, where it will start sailing towards the east.

Road trip will be led around the island Kołgujew and by sea to the port Pechorskye VARANDA In the hinterland of the mouth of the river Pechora. Then, through the Kara Gate Strait, located between the islands of Vaigach and the New Earth, the crew of the cruise will be in the Kara Sea and reaches the port Amdierma Jugurskim Peninsula, near the famous Vorkuta. With Amdiermy on the way to the next port of Dikson, located just off the mouth of the river Yenisei, the great Siberian river cruise route will be led along the Yamal Peninsula, famous for its huge natural gas reserves.

The next section of the trip will be in the Kara Sea route along the Taimyr Peninsula to the port Taimyr. There will be the most dangerous phase of flight. Unpredictable ice conditions make the passage through the Strait of Wilkickiego, located between Cape Czeluskina (the northernmost part of Asia) and the north (an archipelago of islands in the Arctic Ocean) requires not only technical skills, but also extraordinary fortitude.

Upon receipt of the Laptev Sea is planned a short stop in the port of Tiksi, near the mouth of the Lena, another great Siberian rivers. The waterway will again run to the east. After leaving the port of Tiksi, at the East-Siberian Sea, the crew will be waiting for passage by Dmitry Laptev Strait, located between the mainland and the Islands Noworosyjskimi. Then, after leaving the right abeam Indygirki estuaries and Kolyma, is planned for the next stop in the port Pewek. The penultimate "Siberian" cruise stage will route through Long Strait (between the mainland and the island of Wrangel), Chukchi Sea Wankaren to the port where the boat's crew gets to the Bering Strait, and after passing the strait that separates Asia from North America, welcomed in the port Prowidienija, in order to border crossings in Russia. After crossing the Bering Strait over the leg of the journey, called Going north-east.

It will be only half the journey. After leaving Russia's territorial waters, provides travel schedule a visit to the U.S. port of Nome, Alaska, in order to make another border checks. In Nome, again through the Bering Strait, the crew once again return to Arctic waters and sailing the Beaufort Sea along the shores of Alaska, Barrow to port, and after two days of rest, measured in with a long, complicated stage of swimming in the Canadian Arctic archipelago. The long road to Pond Inlet on Baffin Sea, leading between the islands of the vast Canadian Arctic, are provided stops at ports Sachs Harbour on Banks Island and Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island on Dease Strait.

From the port of Pond Inlet, situated in the northern part of Baffin Island, the cruise itinerary will be led to the south-east by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait to Holsteinborg on the west coast of Greenland. It will be assumed that at this point the so-called end. Northwest Passage and begin to swim the Atlantic. As an introduction to this stage will Labrador Sea along the western shores of Greenland Nanortalik port, located on the southern strip of Grenladii.

After leaving Greenland crew will be waiting hard crossing the October, usually stormy Atlantic. Sometimes respite will be short stops in Reykiaviku in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands. Then there will still be stormy North Sea, stop in Farsund, Norway, familiar Polish sailors Danish straits, the Skagerrak, Skattegat and the Sound, through the Baltic Sea to reach the marina at the Sopot pier.

Photo Gallery

(Note Arctic Circumnavigation (2010) by S/V PETER I is leading the Regatta)

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