Saturday, July 20, 2013


UPDATE 20130728 - bugs worked out - BABUSHKA finally going NORTH towards North Pole.

The hybrid catamaran BABUSHKA departed from Barrow Alaska in an attempt to sail to the North Pole then on to Spitsberg (about 1750 miles). For the sake of it I cannot figure out nor does their website say why they have chosen a route to the west away from the North Pole... here are several graphics from their website... and suggestions on how to know if and when they arrive at said North Pole...

July 15th - recent self-pix underway

July 20th track history - North is UP?

Original Route Goals - Barrow - North Pole - Spitsberg

Hints of what to be looking for...
A pub named "The North Pole" - the sign is easy to spot and I know
you would appreciate a 'cold one' after such a hard passage.

A nuclear submarine exactly at the North Pole - Don't ask them anything, 
like why the ocean has melted here (remember they
are nuclear powered - big heaters) else they will have to kill you - 
it's all top secret stuff.

Here is why you might be having trouble up to now - the needle in a
hay stack problem - pretty hard to spot such a small maker on the ice.

If you time it right you may spot a Russian icebreaker when 
it arrives with tourists paying $25K each to make the North Pole trip.
Now that Global Warming has heated things up
there is reported a new town there - the sign should be a dead give away
depending on which entrance you take into town.

Either way - the sign tells you you have arrived.

If you see this joker you know the returning ship of fools is dead ahead...

Would you mind sending a post card just so we know you arrived ok.

Good Luck!!!

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