Sunday, June 16, 2013

NWP 2012 S/V TELEPORT - What has Chris been up to Down Under?

Almost got my Microlight Pilot Licence! 

(by the time you read this I expect Chris has his license and is flying high with Jess - CONGRATULATIONS!)

After 20hrs of microlight pilot lessons, the other day I got to fly solo for the first time! Very exciting - such an amazing feeling. A whole new world of photo opps is opening up. I have about 3 more hours of lessons left to do before I get my licence - fingers crossed! These flying trikes are awesome - and you can fly them almost anywhere, except for controlled air space! Imagine how amazing it would be to fly around Australia, taking a whole set of great new photos from a unique vantage point! After my first solo, I was then allowed on my next session to take up my DSLR with me and go and find some cool photos to take in the local area...

I also made a little video clip of learning to fly, from my wobbly beginnings up to and including my first solo! Excuse the slightly overly epic music! haha... Enjoy!

How to fly a Trike / Microlight

Vide url:

What is in store when Chris and Jess return back to S/V TELEPORT after a winter of storage in Nome Alaska - checkout their website and follow along:

Will TELEPORT be underway to Russia or Japan?  Maybe to Vancouver Canada or Seattle Washington USA? it all depends...

Check back often for updates...

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