Friday, June 28, 2013

BABUSHKA traveling with MANGO waiting for better conditions 120nm SW of Barrow Alaska

Roubinet Sebastian and Vincent Berthet aboard BABUSHKA will cross the Arctic Ocean, between water and ice, with only the help of the wind ... and their muscles: departure from Alaska, to arrive Spitsbergen via the North Pole over nearly 3000 km (1750 nautical miles), they will advance a strange machine, a hybrid catamaran / char to ice, able to transform be it on water or on ice. When the winds are favorable, the sails will push, so the men will benefit. And for two, maybe three months, without any external assistance.
What is their motivation? The reasons are probably mixed: technological gamble, sporting challenge requiring mental and physical foolproof, love the polar regions. Love, and fear for those countries threatened by recent climate changes.

June 28, 2013 - Mango is stuck in the ice

Last reported at 2013-Jun-28 13:00 UTC. 
Time now 2013-Jun-28 15:10 UTC.
Position N 70°18' W 161°30'.

We're stuck 120 miles from Barrow by a large ice plug. Waiting until the wind calms to return to the open waters to attempt a passage to Barrow. All is well onboard despite this setback against time.

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