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Fort Ross 'Guest Book' Volume I from 1980 to 2013

What is Fort Ross?

The Fort Ross trading post, on the northeast shore of Bellot Strait is situated on the southeast tip of Somerset Island. Fort Ross was established in 1937 and lasted for eleven years. Today the building has been refurbished and strengthened against bears, and acts as a refuge for researchers, hunters and crews of boats passing through. It is of particular interest by yachts and commercial cruise ships attempting a Northwest Passage to stop and sign the "Guest Register" while waiting on Bellot Strait tides, weather and/or ice on either side of Bellot Strait.

Fort Ross was the last trading post to be established by the Hudson's Bay Company.

Henry A. Larsen (explorer) reached it in 1942 aboard the 104 foot RCMPV St. ROCH, in the summer of 2006. The St. ROCH is a historic vessel available for viewing at the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Where is Fort Ross located on a map?

What does Fort Ross look like?

Who's names or vessel names might I recognize in the Fort Ross "Guest Book"? (I have not listed everyone... there are upwards of 95 pages of names... so here are the ones I recognize... lol)

Cruise ship M/V WORLD DISCOVERER 1986
David Scott Cowper single-handed in a 42 foot lifeboat M/Y MABEL E. HOLLAND 1988
John Bockstoce and crew in a 60 foot motor-sailer S/Y BELVEDERE 1988
Don Albright - McGill University Thule Archaeology Project 1991
Ramon Lamon - Greenland to Alaska by dogsled and kayak 1992
S/V DAGMAR AAEN 1993, 2004
Captain Stephen A. Gomes, CCGS HENRY LARSEN 1996
S/V OCEAN SEARCH and crew 1999
Susan Polischuk, Polar Bear Biologist 2000
S/Y APOSTLE ANDREW and crew 2002
Eric Brossier and crew S/V VAGABOND 2003
David Scott Cowper in 47 foot custom motorboat M/Y POLAR BOUND 2004, 2009 and a 6th NW Passage in 2013 via Fort Ross with Jane Maufe, fourth-great niece of Sir John Franklin
Arved Fuchs on S/V DAGMAR AAEN 2004
S/V PELAGIC AUSTALIS and crew 2005
Roger Swanson and crew S/V CLOUD NINE 2005
S/V NEKTON and crew 2006
S/V STARY and crew 2006
Gary Ramon single-handed on S/V ARCTIC WANDERER 2008
Thierry Fabing and crew on S/V BALOUM GWEN 2008, 2009
S/V SILENT SOUND and crew 2009
Chris Bray and Jess Taunton in S/V TELEPORT 2011-2012
Guy Lavoie and crew on BALTHAZAR 2012
Bob Shepton and crew on DODO'S DELIGHT 2012, 2013
The 1939 85 foot yawl S/V NORDWIND 2012
Owner and crew of M/Y BEOTHUK 2012
Frank Rothwell and crew on S/Y UPCHUCK 2012
Peter Garden and family on S/V TOKIMATA 2012
Kristen and Kim on S/V SOL 2012
S/Y SCORPIUS and crew 2012
M/V SEA ADVENTURE and guests 2013
S/Y ACALEPHE and crew 2013
Jurgen and Claudia Kirchberger and crew on S/Y LA BELLE EPOQUE 2013
Jean Pierre and crew on S/Y ISATIS
Ali and Les Parsons and crew on S/Y ARCTIC TERN 2013
Eef Willems and crew on S/Y TOOLUKA 2013
Philipp Cottier family and crew on sailing cat LIBELLULE 2013
Lord Ashcraft of the House of Lords, Honored Guests and crew aboard M/V LADY M II 2013
Pelle Ivarsson and Peter Bonsirven on S/Y ANNA 2013

So sorry if I missed your name or vessel... drop me a message with a date and I'll look to see if I can find it and will make an edit above.

Click the thumbnails below to view individual scanned 'Guest Book' pages.

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