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S/V LADY DANA 44 arrives Vancouver to winter over before continuing in 2014 to complete a west to east polar circumnavigation

Welcome yacht "Lady Dana 44" in Vancouver

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October 12, 2013 in Vancouver held a welcome s / s "Lady Dana 44", the first Polish yacht to cross the ice Northwest Passage East "Northeast Passage", the Russian Arctic ice.

The crew of seven people under the command of Captain Richard Wojnowski.

The welcome was under the patronage of the Consul General in Vancouver Christopher Heron.

To welcome the yachts sailed seven Polish community.

On top of a giant flying boat Varsovia Poland flag.

Madam Vice Consul in Vancouver Patricia Wietrzychowska from the deck of s / s "Varsovia" with interest watched the boats that sailed to welcome the brave crew.

The weather was very nice but the wind was blowing pretty strong. Nevertheless, at 12: 00 in the vicinity of Point Atkinson lighthouse located 7 miles from the city pegged four boats in the raft and the crew went on board the "Lady Dana 44". In rough seas it was not so easy. We had to be very careful. For this reason, not all welcoming yachts were able to finish off the common raft.

Consul congratulated the brave crew and raised a champagne toast for the successful completion of the first leg of the flight around the North Pole. There was also the traditional "Happy Birthday".

Captain Richard Wojnowski thanks, and gave a short speech.

Then yachts sailed towards the port.
"Lady Dana 44" in an environment of welcoming yachts flowed into the Gulf of False Creek, which is in the heart of Vancouver.

Welcomed "Lady Dana 44" first moored to set aside for this occasion a bridge to Granville Island.Another yachts tied up to her side.

Mrs. consul, accompanied by mountaineers Janina and Czeslaw Matyga, welcoming traditional bread and salt, once again congratulated the captain and crew.

In order Leaders welcomed the President of the Canadian Polish Congress in Western Canada Kazimierz Brusiło.

Irena Gostomska president "Groups episode" congratulated and invited all to meet with the crew held on Wednesday at the premises Polish Combatants Association.

Welcome coordinator George Kusmider read congratulatory letters:

Secretary General of the Polish Yachting Association Zbigniwa Stosio.

Letters authorities cruises sailing from the Arctic: Captain Wojciech Jacobson from Szczecin and Wojciech Wejera of Toronto, who has years of piloting a sailing expedition through the Arctic ice.

And a letter from the club "Zejman", involving a number of crew members witanego yacht.

The captain thanked for the congratulations and gave a speech.
Then he invited all present to welcome to visit the boat.

Crew members toured groups of visitors, and talked about the trip. They showed yacht equipment.

Madam Vice Consul in Vancouver Patricia Wietrzychowska watching the storms frayed Polish flag and listened to stories of interest to the captain.

Magda and Mariusz, very nicely presented in the Polish national colors.

As you can see in Vancouver, sailors from the coast and mountaineer from the Tatras are all close to each other.

Welcome coordinator George Kuśmider after finishing the event can relax and pose for a souvenir photo.

This event was very successful, the weather was good, and despite the long weekend "Thanksgiving Day", the biggest holiday in Canada came to a lot of people. Meeting the water was not common until the meeting of the seven Polish-American boats. 

Text George Kuśmider
Fig. George Kuśmider and Richard Sławsk

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