Thursday, October 3, 2013

Still in Nome? Here comes another gale or likely a storm weather system - OUCH!!!

Wind Alert Terms and Signals (

Wind speedMaritime WarningLand WarningTropical Cyclone Warning(s)FlagsLightsBeaufort number
25 to 38 mph (22 to 33 knots)Small craft advisoryWind AdvisoryWind Advisory or Small craft advisorySmall craft warning (USA).jpgSmallcraftlights.gif6-7
39 to 54 mph (34 to 47 knots)Gale warningHigh wind warningTropical storm warning*Gale warning (USA).jpgGalelights.gif8-9
55 to 73 mph (48 to 63 knots)Storm warningHigh wind warningTropical storm warningStorm warning (USA).jpgStormlights.gif10-11
74-110 mph (64 to 99 knots)Hurricane Force Wind Warning[35]High wind warningHurricane warningHurricane warning (USA).jpgHurricanelights.gif12-13
Over 110 mph (100+ knots)Hurricane Force Wind WarningExtreme wind warningHurricane warning and Extreme wind warningnonenone14-16
Tropical Storm Warning flags and lights will always be displayed the same as Storm Warning flags and lights.
† A tropical storm with winds in this range is sometimes referred to as a "severe tropical storm".
‡ The Extreme Wind Warning is issued shortly before the eyewall makes landfall

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