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Recalling 2006 NWP S/V STARY and S/V NEKTON - The Youngest sailing crew, average age 25, sail the full Northwest Passage; Atlantic Arctic Circle to Pacific Arctic Circle

The youngest ever sailing crew conquered Northwest Passage!

Entering the Pacific Ocean through the Bering Strait on the 19th of September 2006 the crew of S/V "Stary" closed the symbolic gate of the Northwest Passage. At the same time, with the average age of 25, the crew of S/V "Stary" became the youngest ever sailing team in the history of one of the most difficult sailing routes in the world. Deck by deck with S/V "Stary", and another Polish yacht - S/V "Nekton" - both have completed the Passage. Both yachts became the first Polish sailing yachts to have ever sailed through the legendary Northwest Passage.



"Old" with us for a long time. Performed very well during our last trip around South America. Now, can he cope with the Arctic ice - Dominik Bac, author of the expedition.

Type: Bruceo
Sail Number: PZ 2162
port: Szczecin
Class: yKlx
Call sign: SPS 2189
  • Length - 13.49
  • Width - 3.91 m
  • Length waterline: 9.93 m
  • Draught: 1.83 m
  • Side height: 3.13 m
  • Hull material: Steel
  • Type and sail area - 73 square meters SLUP
  • Autonomy swimming - 40 days
  • Region swims - ocean shipping
  • Data security - Ocean
  • Water tanks: 2 x 500 l
  • The fuel tank - 400 liters
  • Number of beds: 10
  • GPS - Global Positioning System - a satellite positioning system coordinates. The GPS receiver allows you to determine the boat's position to within several meters. The receiver also has a catalog of electronic maps. The device is also connected to the radar, which allows for accurate navigation in difficult and unfamiliar waters.
    Type: Garmin GPSMAP 180 - 12 channels; funds - Garmin 126, Garmin 48, Garmin 38 - manual used for navigation on the glider and the land expedition.
  • Radar - warns of the dangers of navigation and obstacle detection facilitates the fairway. Will also be used for navigation on the misty waters of Greenland, where the icebergs are not uncommon.
    Type: SIMRAD RA 30; antenna closed, 1.5 feet diameter, radius 24 nm.
  • NAVTEX - receiver meteorological and navigational warnings - on a continuous basis provides the latest information on weather conditions and expected changes: col situation, the strength and direction of wind, precipitation, etc.. It shall also inform the latest developments and dangers in navigable waterways. Receives information about the DSC signals.
    Type: Target NAVTEX PRO-Plus NASA MARINE.
  • Transceiver HF / VHF Transceiver 100W working at all frequencies for both amateur and sea and air. Under favorable propagation conditions provide for communication with global reach. When connected to a computer allows you to receive weather and television faximili RTTY.
    Type: I-COM 706 mk II
  • IRIDIUM - Marine Satellite radio. A satellite phone is the hardware that allows you to communicate with any telephone subscriber from any point on the globe. The covers 100% of the earth's surface including the polar regions. With it's easy to summon help and contact with the boat. The phone also has the ability to upload data via a special e-mail program.
    Telephone number: 0088 1631573710
    Type: SAILOR SC 4150
  • VHF (VHF) - standard equipment for communications at sea - contact with other units and the port authorities. FM-each equipped with a system DSC (Digital Selective Calling) combined with the GPS used to call for help.
    Type: Skanti VHF 1000 P DSC, power: 25 W
  • EPIRB - to call for help on the frequency of aerial and satellite imagery - a very strong signal containing the identification number of the yacht is received by all units nearby and satellite. Additionally equipped with a strobe light.
    Type: Sailor SARSAT 406 MHz satellite EPIRB, number: 261 003 340
  • Radar transponder - a device used to call for help. Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) is a radio transmitter and receiver 9GHz. Upon receipt of any radar pulse 9GHz x-band, SART immediately transmits a signal clearly identifies the individual at risk of a radar screen - enables precise location of the yacht and quick help.
    Type: SAILOR SART 9.2 - 9.5 GHz.

  • Type - URSUS4410
  • Power - 59.5KW
  • Turnover - 2350obr./min.
  • Will Converter - 3


Stage I (Poland - Greenland)
Captain: Colin Jendroszczyk
Crew: Mark Bonczar, Anne Jakubiec, Andrew Kolon, Michal Michalik, Aleksander Nowak, Marek Sobieski, Tom Szewczyk (Iceland - Greenland)
Stage II (Northwest Passage)
Masters of: (in order of running) Dominik Bac, Jacek Wacławski, Slawek Skalmierski
Crew: Konstantin Kulik, Agnieszka Strużyk, Thomas Szewczyk

Colin Jendroszczyk , b. 1982 Participant trip around South America, the navigation officer and a good sailor. Swam nearly 30,000 miles of sea. Film and theater lover, windsurfing and paragliding.Responsible for the preparation of navigational expedition. Author's website Favorite Quote: "one in a million chance goes up as one to ten." A student of the Academy of Economics in Katowice. 

Mark Bonczar , b. 1979 Yacht Skipper, participated in a cruises on the Baltic, the North Sea and the Aegean. Skier, a lover of the Tatra Mountains, painting, literature, and the Beatles.Doctor of Medicine.

Anne Jakubiec

teacher by profession.Instructor Scout Scoutmaster extent, the organizer and commander of many camps and trips. Secretary of the Department of Children's Friends Association Boat-Polesia, organizer of such colonies and events for children with disabilities, including therapeutic activities. Passion: sailing - after all, born and has always lived in Lodz! QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 - it was her dream come true of the "expedition life" (previously only sailed on the Baltic Sea).

Andrzej Kolon , b. 1981 Under the sails came to the shores of five continents, was the research stations on Spitsbergen and Antarctica. He has travel to Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. An avid skier, the soul of the company and an excellent companion in emergency situations. Class 1 radio operator, call sign SQ9MLJ.Student Silesian University of Technology. 

Michal Michalik , b. 1982 His passion is snowboarding, windsurfing and dabbled otniarstwo. An indispensable member of the crew, has an excellent sense of humor and knows how to deal with any situation. He studied at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Alec Smith

Student artwork Academy of Music. Karol Szymanowski - the Department of Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz. Yacht Skipper, he participated in several sea voyages, including to Spitsbergen with the captain. Andrew Beżańskim in 2004. In a sea of ocean sees possible inspirations.

Marek Sobieski , b. 1954 Entrepreneur (304th position among the 500 largest Polish enterprises), loves the movement and nature.Captain of the yacht from 1977, Polish champion Tony One class of 1972, two-time participant in the race for the Cup Polonaise loners.He s / s Asterias voyages Havana-Swinoujscie and Sydney-Montewideo, around Cape Horn (second prize Voyage of the Year '88). Mountain bike enthusiast (multiple participant in the eight-day race in pairs Addidas Chellenge Bike Transalp 2000-2005) and Hobbie Cat catamarans sports (racing participant Amber Cup 2004).Blessed is the man, the father of three sons, 4 months Magdusi grandfather. 

Thomas Szewczyk , born. 1986 Sea Yacht skipper for many years on boats sailing competitively, is a master of Silesia in class Europe. His passion is skiing and windsurfing.The tactician trip and prepare hardware. Class 1 radio operator, call sign SQ9MLS. He participated in the expedition Scandinavia Around 2004, which reached the entrance to the Channel Białomorsko-Baltic on Lake Onega. Student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Gliwice. 

Dominik Bac , b. 1979, originator and author of the expedition Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 (together with Jack Wacławskim and Slawek Skalmierskim) honored with the prestigious "Hindrances" - a dream for many years connected with the Arctic, mountains and areas podbiegunowymi. Co-organizer, participant and photographer expedition "Cape Horn Antarctica Expedition 2002/2003". Organizer land expedition to the volcano Cotopaxi (highest active volcano in the world 5896 meters above sea level) and the interior of South America (Colombia, Amazonia, Peru, Ekwadorm, Chile, Argentina, Brazil). Isolated completed the expedition "Trans-Asia 2000" and "Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh and Nepal 2001 '. The main organizer of the expedition "Dakar 2004". President and founder of the 'Group Outdoor "- the organizer of expeditions and sea voyages. Lecturer navigation on the sailing ship "Pogoria". This leads to the end of the project "impossible". As a pilot of foreign tourists visited half of Europe.Among his passions outside of sailing, include mountain climbing, skiing, caving and globtrottering and recently diving. A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education. 

Jacek Wacławski , b. 1981 Sailor of the Year award winner in 2003 and the Colossus of 2003, the most prestigious award travel in Poland. The world's youngest captain to sail under sail to the shores of Antarctica. There is no impossible for him-as he says, "You just have to swim." He was the initiator and main organizer of the expedition "Cape Horn - Antarctica Expedition 2002/2003", around South America and Cape Horn. Is the author of motivational training. Contributor Northwest Passage expedition project Jubilee Voyage 2006 honoree prestigious "Hindrances." Student Medical University of Silesia, working in the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology, Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze.

Slawek Skalmierski , b. 1979 Student Silesian University of Technology. During the expedition Cape Horn Antarctica Expedition 2002/2003 winner of the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador. A specialist in technical matters and electronics. Organizer and participant of expedition Dakar 2004. A man of any special tasks.Since 1994, the year the glider. Among his passions can be found, such as skiing, gliding, ultralight trikes, and windsurfing.Contributors Project expedition Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 honored with the prestigious "Zawada"

Konstantin Kulik

Wielkopolska Graduate School of Radio Television and Film, the listener National Film School in Łódź. Developer TVP television programs, documentaries, commercials and music videos. With Love: explorer, sailor, photographer and cook. His motto - "The harder, the better."

Agnieszka Strużyk , b. 1982 Her passions - is windsurfing, sailing and snowboarding. Yacht Skipper, took part in the cruises in the North Sea, the Norwegian and Baltic Sea. Schedule expedition.Student of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Silesia.

QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 started in Greenland on 15th of August 2006 and was dedicated to commemorate 100th anniversary of the pioneer Roald Amundsen's expedition, Norwegian explorer, who became the first person to sail entire length of the Northwest Passage in the years 1903 - 1906.... read more in the press release

From Greenland S/V "Stary" was accompanied by the second polish yacht - S/V "Nekton" - commanded by Capt. Tadeusz Natanek with the Polish crew originating from Canada, who also decided to sail the Northwest Passage. Both crews sailed the waters from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean helping each other. Joint success of both crews was accomplished by symbolic, deck by deck, passing over Point Barrow, the farthest northern point of the USA whose passing meant successfully leaving the vastness of Arctic ice behind. Next, both yachts went south through the Chukchi Sea to the Bering Strait ending the main part of the expedition there.

Following the steps of Roald Amundsen's route the members of QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 also explored the land. They were climbing the Greenland mountains, paragliding over the Arctic ice and visiting the whale hunters' village located on Cross Island. They were also diving in the wreckage of "Maud" the ship that originally belonged to the Norwegian explorer. During the six weeks long expedition a documentary titled "Searching for the legend" was produced. It focuses on the life of Norwegian discoverer as seeing by contemporary eyes.

"Sailing the Northwest Passage only in one season and in such a sort time proves a huge success. It also demonstrates perfect planning and expresses determination of the crew who try to make the most of good weather forecasts to the very last day", says Capt. Wojciech Jacobson, one of the first Poles, who in the years 1985-1988 successively sailed the Northwest Passage together with Ludomir Maczka in the expedition organized by known explorer Janusz Kurbiel.

"I followed all the steps of the expedition and I was entirely emotionally engaged in it. I admire them for the ability to find the time for climbing, diving and paragliding. Congratulations to all of them! Professional climbers know well that climbing down the top of the mountain is equally difficult as to climbing up. I wish them happy and safe voyage while coming back from north top end across the Bering Sea and the Pacific", adds Jacobson.

The jubilee sailing of the Northwest Passage has closed the main part of the expedition. However, it was not the end of the QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 expedition itself whose aim was to circumnavigate North America. From Vancouver the next part of expedition begun. This time, on the way to Miami, the young crew explored San Bias Archipelago - the territory settled by The Kuna Indians. Next, they sailed through the Panama Canal in order to reach Colombia from the Darien Narrow called the "The Pole of the jungle". In Colombia the sailors were exploring Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world's highest seaside peaks.

About Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic Archipelago of Canada. John Cabot was the first explorer who was trying to find the way through the Northwest Passage. He then was followed by Martin Frobisher, John Davis, Henry Hudson, William Parry, Robert McClure (who discovered the first NW Passage) and Sir John Franklin Expedition of 126 men and two ships forever lost. Only Roald Amundsen, famous Norwegian polar explorer who first reached the South Pole, was the first was lucky enough to sail the entire Passage in the years 1903-1906.

About QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006

QNT Northwest Passage Jubilee Voyage 2006 is the second polar expedition organised by members of Group Outdoor Association from Gliwice in Poland. During the previous voyage organized in 2002/2003, the same yacht S/V "Stary" lead by Capt. Jacek Wacławski rounded South America around Cape Horn and sailed down to the Polish Antarctic Station - "Henryk Arctowski" reaching position 63°03'S, 60°44'W at the King George Island. Achieving that S/V "Stary" became the second Polish sailing yacht that had ever sailed so far to the South. This expedition was then awarded The Kolosy Award for the sailing achievement of the year 2003.

The main organizers of the expedition are sailors and travellers from Group Outdoor Association: Dominik Bac, Sławek Skalmierski, Jacek Wacławski and Agnieszka Strużyk, Tomasz Szewczyk and Konstanty Kulik, film director.

KUDOS on your accomplishment!!!

Photos of the Day: The Northwest Passage in Four Weeks

December 4 - Pt. Richmond

The normally difficult east-to-west route through the Northwest Passage was relatively easy this year, allowing the 42-ft steelStary to complete the trip in four weeks.
Photo Dominik Bac

The crew of the Polish-flagged Stary, the youngest crew to traverse the infamous Northwest Passage - and the first boat to do so flying the Polish flag - sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday to a warm welcome from the local Polish community, as well as many others who were impressed with their recent accomplishment. The crew of 20-somethings embarked on their expedition, which took them only four weeks (many boats wait for years for the ice to clear enough to make the trip), to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the first successful crossing by Roald Amundsen of what many consider to be the world's most difficult sailing route.

The young crew of Stary are thrilled to be in the 'tropics' of San Francisco Bay after crossing the Northwest Passage.
Photo Latitude/LaDonna

Stary is being hosted by Brickyard Cove Marina, and the fun-loving crew plan on exploring the Bay for a week or so before they head south. Check out the January issue of Latitude 38 for the scoop on their trip, which included diving under icebergs, camping on top of icebergs, climbing up icebergs and flying over icebergs.


Somerset Island - Polar bear

Zenith Point

Bellot Strait

Greenland - Ilulissat

Qutlidgssat - Disko Island

Disko Island



Greenland - Ilulissat

Sondre Stromfjord - Sisimiut

Sisimiut - Ikerasarssuk

Greenland - s / s "Old

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