Friday, May 17, 2013

Who is planning to be underway in the Arctic in 2013? Additions appreciated - use comments below - Thanks!

First and foremost - What is a Northwest Passage?

An Arctic sea route navigated by a vessel on it's own bottom between the Davis Strait's Atlantic Arctic Circle and the Bering Sea's Pacific Arctic Circle (Latitude 66.5622°N)

Bottom line - if you do not navigate from one Arctic Circle to the other Arctic Circle (East-to-West or West-to-East) - it is not a Northwest Passage but rather is a point-to-point navigation between geographic points or hamlets.  

Suggestion - keep a detailed ship's log. Take pictures of your GPS display during your voyage. I strongly recommend using a SPOT GPS beacon. (

Here are details on those who have completed a Northwest Passage:

Here is my list of Arctic expeditions as of May 17, 2013:

Anne Quemere
Skin-n-frame Sea Kayak 18' solo
Northwest Passage? East to West

Matt McFadyen
Cameron Webb
Norseboat 17.5' open cuddy rowboat
Inuvik to Resolute Bay

Denis Barnett
Paul Gleeson
Kevin Vallely
Frank Wolf
Experimental 25' cabin rowboat
Inunvik to Pond Inlet

Olivier Giasson
Sebastien Lapierre
Sea kayak 17' individual kayaks
Tuktoyaktuk to Igloolik

Sarah Outen
Custom 21' cabin rowboat
From/To TBD

David Collette
Johann Sigurdson
From/To TBD (Manitoba, Hudson Bay, Greenland, Iceland)
Custom 50' sailboat yacht

Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition
Motor Sailer TARA 20m aluminum research yacht
Single-season Arctic Circumnavigation counterclockwise (West-to-east)
Including Northeast and Northwest Passages
ETD 20130518 Lorient France ETA 20131206

Charles Hedrich
Pierre-Marie Bazin
Custom 21' rowboat?
Nome Alaska to Pond Inlet

Fran├žois Roberge
Balthazar (10·5m sailboat) - Canada
Wintered Inuvik

Bart Veldink
Tranquillo (17·6m sailboat) - Netherlands
Wintered off Pim Island

Others?  Please provide details in the comments below - Thank you!

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