Monday, May 20, 2013

2012 NWP S/V KATHARSIS2 sails on to the South Pacific in 2013

 After a successful 2012 East-to-West Northwest Passage, sailing vessel KATHARSIS II sailed the Inside Passage to Vancouver Canada, USA West Coast to San Diego, port-to-port through Mexico to Costa Rica then across to the South Pacific.... here are updated voyage pixs... so what ya going to do after your Northwest Passage?
File:Orthographic projection centred over Wallis and Futuna Islands.png

File:Map OC-Oceania.PNG

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S/V KATHARSIS II (Oyster 72)

Captain Mariusz (Conrady Award in 2012)

Mate, Chef and Naturalist: Hanus

Goodbye Costa Rica (fantastic diving memories)

Crossing The Equator 'Line' 

Kite equipped with camera

Tuamotu Islands Group - Matureivavao Atoll

Checking catch for radiation (France conducted 192 nuclear weapon tests in French Polynesia) 

Crewmembers Tom and Barbara in the galley preparing roasted Mahi Mahi with papaya sauce

Entering Amanu Atoll

The old village church Hititake was originally built in 1875

Only 200 people inhabit Hititake. With no airport their only contact is with visiting yachts and the government supply ship

Checkout the excellent website:

Smooth sailing KATHARSIS2 and crew!

Katharsis II - Northwest Passage 2012

On going saga update -

Thank you for allowing us to live our dream from sharing your dream come true...

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