Monday, May 6, 2013

The National Parks Project - Fantastic Teaser Video with "" Website - SEE WHAT THIS 'PROJECT' IS ALL ABOUT

The National Parks Project is a groundbreaking collaborative art project about nature and creativity, featuring 52 of Canada's best musicians and filmmakers, and 13 of its most stunning national parks of Canada...

Video url:

The National Parks Project from Primitive Entertainment on Vimeo.

Then visit the website at: (be patient - a broadband connection is best for this multimedia rich content) 

Also take a look at the TV series from Discovery World HD at

Thank you for "there is always a better way"... you definitely have "the right stuff".

If you cannot go in person to Canada - stop here online and come as close as is humanly possible thanks to multimedia technology - KUDOS to everyone who made this possible - a fantastic production and a stunning audio-visual experience!

Don't stop exploring... there is more...

Explore Northwords Interactive: /// Get updates:
Download the Northwords film & DVD: /// eBook:

50min; 2012. HD / colour / 16:9

NORTHWORDS tells the story of a literary expedition above the tree line led by award-winning journalist and activist Shelagh Rogers. In the summer of 2011, Rogers handpicked five of Canada's leading writers to accompany her to a remote corner of northern Labrador to explore and seek inspiration, and to instigate new stories and conversation about the north. The film tracks the group as they navigate the harsh and stunning terrain of Torngat Mountains National Park - the country's newest national park, and a place steeped in geological and human history. Along the way, they learn about issues facing the north today, and confront some of the dark moments in its recent past. Featuring Joseph Boyden, Sarah Leavitt, Rabindranath Maharaj, Noah Richler and Alissa York, the film shows what happens when some of the country's best writers tackle one of its most overwhelmingly beautiful places.

A FilmCAN Production, from the creators of the National Parks Project + Shelagh Rogers
Featuring Joseph Boyden, Alissa York, Noah Richler, Sarah Leavitt and Rabindranath Maharaj
Narrated by Shelagh Rogers / Music and Sound by Paul Aucoin / Edited by Ryan J. Noth
Cinematography by Stephen Chung / Written by Joel McConvey / Directed by Geoff Morrison
Produced by Joel McConvey, Geoff Morrison, & Ryan J. Noth

more info at:


NORTHWORDS trailer from filmCAN on Vimeo.

Get out there...

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