Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nicolas Peissel of BELZEBUB2 will talk about 2012 Northwest Passage - QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ???

Nicolas Peissel will talk about his summer 2012 voyage through the Northwest Passage in a small sailboat at a free public talk Jan 12, 2013
The lecture and photo recollection will be held at 8 p.m. in room 1A1 in the Ewart Angus Centre at the McMaster hospital building. For more information, visit
Questions that the crew on BELZEBUB2 should answer:
1. Did you have a GPS aboard BELZEBUB2?
2. Did you download the GPS tracklines to your computer?
3. When you video recorded your voyage, why did you not show the GPS positions displayed by the GPS unit?
4. Did you observe at any time the POLAR BOUND commanded by David Scott Cowper?
5. Did you attempt to contact POLAR BOUND by VHF radio during your voyage?
6. What evidence do you have of the actual route you claim to have navigated? 
7. Did your webmaster handcraft your website voyage route graphic? Who is your webmaster?
8. Why do you claim to have navigated the McClure Strait route without so much as a Spot GPS tracker for proof?
9. Does any of your pictures or videos show headlands or prominent landmarks? Please provide captions to said graphics on your website,
10. What are your future voyaging plans?

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