Monday, September 9, 2013

Super yacht LADY M II exits the Arctic to the west - ETA NOME 20130909

CORRECTION - The LADY M II completed an east to west NW Passage with icebreaker assistance.

You will recall that late August 2013 there was a group of yachts trapped on the eastern side of Bellot Strait because the west side had 7/10 ice concentration when suddenly the CCGS HENRY LARSEN appeared and as Sailing Cat LIBELLULE posted on their blog:

Then we saw Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larsen appear as an AIS icon on our GPS plotter, followed by Russian Expedition cruise ship Akademik Ioffe and motoryacht Lady M II.

The convoy proceeded east through Bellot Strait and disappear. CCGS HENRY LARSEN then turned around and returned beaking more ice by taking a wider parallel track back west through Bellot Strait. The yachts quickly pulled anchor and followed the icebreaker at a safe distance to the west reaching ice free waters.

What we did not know is how far east did the super yacht LADY M II travel? Likely Arctic Bay and refueled? They turned around and retraced her route back west because she just arrived Nome Harbor today - 9th of September.

Neither a west to east nor a east to west Northwest Passage because neither passage started and ended at the Arctic Circles in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.  What a disappointment! But there is always next year after vacationing for the winter in Hawaii?


Anonymous said...

WRONG!! lady M 11 started in Newfoundland then to Greenland and as far north as Thule then across to Pond Inlet and all the way to Alaska at Nome.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

I believe the yachts which witness it traveling west to east behind the icebreaker though Bellot Strait to have more credibility than Anonymous with no backup references. Show us!

Anonymous said...

We saw the Lady M II sailing east to west through the Bellot Strait on 23 August 2013.

In fact it followed our ship, Akademik Ioffe, for many hours since we were being escorted by the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker CCGS Henry Larsen down Prince Regent Sound and then through the Bellot Strait towards Cambridge Bay.

You can see this on a YouTube video at

Hope this helps.

Captain on GREY GOOSE said...

It sure would be nice to see their website or blog as a reference. Checking AIS the LADY M II is currently south of the 'Chain' departed from Dutch Harbor heading to the SE with a very good weather high pressure window. Bon Voyage!

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